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Motorcycle Airbag


Airbags for motorcyclists are the best option if you want to stop worrying about your safety when riding your motorcycle. Airbag vests for motorcyclists offer the latest technology to constantly study the rider's behavior and activate when necessary.


Motorcycle airbags are very sophisticated garments that absorb 90% of the energy during an impact. Despite being innovative garments, they do not sacrifice the comfort that the rider needs when riding his motorcycle. 


This category of Motopasión Store is dedicated to motorcycle airbags, how they work and the variety of models available in our motorcycle store. 


What are motorcycle airbags? 


Motorcycle airbags are like a kind of vest that you can wear with your motorcycle jacket or with your motorcycle suit. This garment is placed under the clothing and has airbag technology to protect the rider in case of falls and accidents. Motorcycle airbags are very popular because they offer the rider maximum safety while riding. 


Motorcycle airbags reduce the impact energy the rider receives during a fall and can prevent dangerous injuries. Best of all, you can wear your airbag vest and ride your motorcycle with the same comfort as always, as they are lightweight, comfortable and ventilated garments. 


You can wear your airbag under or over your motorcycle clothing, but it is best to always wear it under your motorcycle jacket. The airbags are made of lightweight fabrics that ensure freedom of movement for the rider and fold easily so you can carry them wherever you want. 


If you travel with your motorcycle, love speed and are an inveterate adventurer, you should consider getting your own airbag to keep you protected and prevent tragedies. 


How do airbags for motorcyclists work? 

Surely you have heard that airbags are the best option to prevent injuries, that they are super safe, that they have very advanced technology but, do you really know how the motorcycle airbag works? 


We explain it to you! The motorcycle airbag is not very different from the airbag in cars. It is an intelligent system that is incorporated into a motorcyclist's vest and is not controlled by anyone. The motorcycle airbag can be wireless or connected to the motorcycle via a cable. Most of these devices are battery powered. 


While the rider is riding, the airbag is constantly evaluating the rider's behavior. When the airbag detects any abnormality while the rider is riding, it immediately activates the air evacuation to inflate the bag that is going to receive the impact. All this can happen within 20 to 35 milliseconds. 


The airbag vest will always be activated during a fall, as it is a behavior that breaks the pilot's driving parameters. These garments protect the most danger-sensitive areas of the rider's body: neck, back and chest. 


Buying a motorcycle airbag? 

At Motopasión Store we think that getting a motorcycle airbag is an excellent decision, especially if you like to travel with your motorcycle.


Airbag systems have a calming effect on the rider, as you will feel safer riding your motorcycle and will have much more confidence behind the wheel. Once you have your airbag you won't want to stop using it. 


If you dare to buy a motorcycle airbag, we invite you to know all the variety we have available in Motopasión Store. In our motorcycle store you will find Alpinestars airbag suits, Dainese vests, Spidi airbag vests and Ixon airbag vests


We also offer overalls for motorcyclists of the best brands on the market. And, of course, everything you need to build your equipment: jackets, gloves, motorcycle helmets, boots and much more.

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