Off road disciplines are much more than a sport, they are release, adrenaline, speed, passion and extreme. To practice well any of these skills you need a special bike, and to conclude correctly that bike, and give the best of you, you need a good pair of off road boots. 


There are different types of motorcycle boots and in this category of Motopasión Store we are going to tell you everything you need to know about off road boots, how they are, how to choose them and where to buy them. Here we go! 


What are off road boots?


Off road boots are footwear with protections and special designs for the practice of off-road disciplines such as motocross, enduro and trail. These boots are manufactured to offer a higher degree of safety to the motorcyclist and to withstand hard knocks during the practice of the sport. 


Off road boots, also known as motocross boots, are more uncomfortable than conventional motorcycle boots, so it is recommended to use them only for off-road sports. Due to the protections they have, motocross boots are also much heavier than other motorcycle boots. 


Motorcycle trail boots are made of various materials such as plastic and leather. They also contain high boots, safety fasteners and other heavy-duty elements. The main purpose of enduro boots is to protect the foot, especially the most sensitive areas such as the ankle and shins. 


The soles of off-road boots are usually much stiffer than those of other footwear. The purpose of this property is to withstand the long days spent by the feet on the footpegs of the off road motorcycle. This means that motocross boots are not flexible at all, so they are not recommended for walking.   


How to choose the best motocross, enduro and trail boots

When buying your off road boots you will find an infinity of models that can be overwhelming. For this reason in Motopasión Store we share with you the factors that you should take into account when choosing your enduro boots: 

  • 1)  The material of your off road boots must be resistant, since this depends largely on the protection of your feet. 
  • 2)  Most off road boots are rigid. However, it is important that you get ones whose stiffness is not uncomfortable for you when riding your motorcycle. 
  • 3)  Prefer off road motorcycle boots that give you the perfect fit between your foot and the shoe. This is very important for the correct practice of off-road disciplines. 
  • 4)  Say goodbye to boots with laces and strange fastening systems. Get motocross boots that fit with a zipper. This can be a zipper or Velcro. 
  • 5)  Choose enduro boots that are comfortable, fit your foot well and are suitable for your type of motorcycle. 
  • Don't forget the ventilation system. Off-road disciplines require a lot of physical exertion, so prefer boots that keep your feet cool and sweat-free. 
  • 6)  Buy the motocross boots that you like the most, the model of your dreams, those with which you feel invincible. It is proven that the better we feel with our equipment, the better we perform on and off the road, let alone in a competition.


Where to buy motorcycle trail boots?

When buying your off road boots we advise you to do it in a reliable place with very good prices. In Motopasión Store, besides guaranteeing you the best price on the Internet, we are also bikers, so in our motorcycle store you will only find good products. 


In this category of off road boots you will find the best models of cross, enduro and trail boots. We work with the best brands on the market: Acerbis, Alpinestars, Answer, Gaerne, Seventy Degrees, Sidi and TCX.


We can not say goodbye without first inviting you to our exclusive section of off road equipment, there you will find everything you need to be the best in your practice and skid well protected from head to toe.


We are Motopasión Store, and our stores and workshops are located in Vigo and La Coruña, in case you would like to visit us soon. We will be happy to assist you, motorcyclist greetings! 

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