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Trail helmets 


The trail or adventure bikes imposed a fashion that is here to stay and motorcycle helmet manufacturers are well aware of it. For this reason more and more brands such as Shoei and HJC innovate every day to offer extreme bikers the best protection in trail helmets. 


Among all types of motorcycle helmets, the touring trail helmet is the one that offers the perfect combination between a full-face helmet and an off road helmet, and therefore offers the best for both worlds: the road and the trails. 


If you are an adventurous biker and you are looking for your perfect motorcycle trail helmet, at Motopasión Store we tell you everything you need to know about motorcycle trail helmets.  


What are motorcycle trail helmets?  

Trail helmets are becoming more and more popular among motorcyclists because they are comfortable, versatile and can be used both on and off road. These helmets are a hybrid between a full-face helmet and a motocross helmet, and they are just as comfortable as a modular helmet. 


Trail helmets are designed for adventurous bikers, those who enjoy riding in the city as well as on the trails. That is why it is important to choose a trail helmet of very good quality and manufactured with the best materials, because your safety will depend largely on this accessory. 


What are motorcycle trail helmets like? Well, they are full-face helmets that contain a chin guard and a visor so that the sun does not bother the rider while riding. Unlike a motocross helmet, touring trail helmets contain a visor. 


The visor and shield are almost always removable and this allows the rider to use the helmet as a full-face helmet (without visor) and as a motocross helmet (without shield). The truth is that trail motorcycle helmets adapt to the rider's needs and in any of their modalities offer maximum comfort and safety. 


How to choose the best trail helmet for motorcyclists 

Choosing a good full-face trail helmet or motocross helmet is not complicated. The first thing to take into account at the time of your choice is what type of motorcyclist you are, if you only ride in the city or if you are more adventurous and you are interested in off road


In Motopasión Store we always say it, you can get a Shoei helmet or a HJC helmet, but what really matters when buying a motorcycle helmet is not the brand, it is the use you give to your motorcycle. That will determine the protection you need, the materials, the type of helmet and even the margin of your investment. 


If you are determined to get a trail helmet, prefer a model with the following characteristics: 

  • That it has a good ventilation system to isolate the air during the ride and thus be able to ride for several hours comfortably. 
  • Trail helmets should have sun visors and anti-fog sheets
  • Helmets with facial adjustment are ideal because they offer greater support and comfort to the jaw. 
  • Prefer a touring trail helmet that has a visor and shield that are easy to remove. 
  • If you are looking for a modern helmet you should know that HJC helmets and Shoei helmets offer very original designs. 
  • Helmets with fiber shell are much lighter than those with polycarbonate shell. 


Advantages and disadvantages of an adventure helmet


The trail helmet has many positive aspects, but like all accessories for motorcyclists, it also has some disadvantages. In order for you to make a good choice of motorcycle helmet, at Motopasión Store we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of trail helmets: 


Advantages of motorcycle trail helmets 

  • They can be used in all conditions. 
  • They offer greater safety than a jet helmet or a modular helmet. 
  • They have an excellent field of vision. 
  • They provide better ventilation than full-face helmets. 
  • They have removable sun visors. 


Disadvantages of adventure helmets 

  • Although they are a hybrid between a full-face helmet and an offroad helmet, they are not the most suitable if you want to dedicate yourself exclusively to motocross or road trips. 
  • They are so aerodynamic that at high speeds they can generate turbulence and cause discomfort to the rider. 


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