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Jet helmet 


There are many types of motorcycle helmets: modular helmets, full-face helmets, off road and jet helmets, among others. Each of them is designed for a type of motorcyclist, for example, full-face helmets are used in competition, and trial helmets are for those who practice enduro. 


In this category of Motopasión Store the protagonist is the motorcycle jet helmet, so we will tell you the characteristics of this accessory for motorcyclists, how safe it is, why it owes its name and what are its advantages and disadvantages. 


At Motorpasión Store we always say that the best motorcycle helmet is the one that adapts to your style as a motorcyclist. Let's find out if what you need is a jet helmet. 


What are motorcycle jet helmets? 

Jet helmets are open face helmets that cover the top, sides and back of the skull, leaving the face free. The jet helmet is more comfortable and versatile than other helmets in which you have to fit your head inside the helmet. 


Jet helmets are perfect for the summer, as they offer excellent ventilation during the ride without sacrificing wind insulation. If you are looking for a motorcycle helmet for urban commuting or short rides, this can be an excellent option. 


Jet helmet? If you have ever wondered why jet helmets are so called, today we tell you their history. Jet helmets are known by this name because their shape is very similar to that of the helmets of jet airplane pilots, also known as warplanes. 


Jet helmets can be recognized because they do not have a closed chin guard, they cover the entire head and leave the face open to the air. This last property of jet helmets is the reason why some people call them open face helmets. 


Advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle jet helmet


There are no good or bad motorcycle helmets, each type of helmet is designed for a specific activity. Here are the pros and cons of a jet helmet: 


Advantages of jet moto helmets.


1)  They are perfect for those bikers who are looking for comfort first and foremost. 
2)  Ideal for summer. Jet helmets avoid the feeling of suffocation in high temperatures. They are cooler and lighter and allow direct contact with the air while riding.
3)  Some models of motorcycle jet helmets have a screen for greater protection. In this way, impacts from stones or any other external agent can be prevented
4)  The jet helmet is much easier to transport as they are specifically designed to fit in most of the holes that scooters have under their seats. 5)  This makes the jet helmet the perfect helmet if you have a scooter or Vespa.
6)  They are less expensive than other types of helmets. 


Disadvantages of jet helmets 


1)  Jet helmets are not the best choice for traveling with your motorcycle. When riding on the road, you should ideally prefer a helmet that gives you more protection, such as full-face helmets and modular helmets. 
2)  Jet helmets are not usually made of the best materials. Therefore, in addition to being open-face helmets, they do not offer great protection from impacts during an accident. 
3)  Jet helmets, being open face helmets, are not the most suitable in the rainy or winter season. 


How to know if you need a jet helmet? 

At Motopasión Store we think that every motorcyclist should have a jet helmet for the summer, for short routes or for riding in the city. It is the comfortable helmet with which you can go to the office or ride in high temperatures without feeling the ravages of heat. 


If you are looking for a motorcycle road helmet that can protect you during long journeys, you should ideally prefer a full-face helmet or a modular helmet. These types of helmets offer better safety, are made of better materials and are much more aerodynamic. 


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