If you think that where the asphalt ends the fun begins, then you know very well that the motorcycle helmet you need requires certain characteristics. And is that off road lovers must use a helmet that in addition to protecting the head, serves as a face shield against agents such as the sun, branches, stone, dust, etc.. 


So if you are a fan of enduro, motrocross or off road helmets are your best option. Generally, these helmets also differ from the rest for their striking and original designs, perfect for that motorcyclist with an adventurous soul. 


At Motopasión Store we are fans of motocross helmets, we love the futuristic and risky look they offer to motorcyclists. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this essential accessory for off road lovers. 


What is an off road helmet?

The motocross helmet is distinguished from the others by its prominent chin guard, otherwise it would be the same as a full-face helmet. Most of these helmets are made of very resistant materials such as thermoplastic resin and fiber or composite


An indispensable requirement for motocross helmets is ventilation, since off-road practices suggest a lot of physical effort and it is necessary to guarantee air circulation at all times. If you practice enduro, the ideal is to get an off road helmet with a removable interior. 


The off road helmet is not only used to practice motocross or enduro, it is also recommended for supermotard fans, because it offers good ventilation and avoids the entry of dust and dirt.


Motocross helmets do not have a screen and, unlike full-face helmets, they offer a large field of vision. However, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun and external agents such as dirt and stones. To do so, it is best to get a good pair of protective goggles for motorcyclists


Otherwise, cross helmets are very safe for motorcyclists. Factors such as rain, stones or jumps on circuits do not pose a risk to the rider wearing an off road helmet. 


Which motocross helmet to choose

Choosing your motocross helmet can be a difficult task, there is so much variety on the market that it is very easy to fall into indecision. One of the aspects that you should take into account when buying your motocross helmet is how much you are going to use it. 


For your purchase to be the right one, put aside the design of your enduro helmet, the brand, and be honest with yourself about how much you can spend and how often you go out on the trail: once in a while, every now and then, or every time you have the opportunity. 


There's no point in getting an enduro helmet if you spend more time on the asphalt than on the dirt. Nor do we advise you to buy a very expensive helmet if you are just starting in the world of off road


What we do want you to be very clear about are the characteristics that define a good motocross helmet: 


  • It offers maximum ventilation.
  • It is lighter than a road helmet.
  • It has a visor that protects from the sun and avoids collisions with branches.
  • It is a full-face helmet with a prominent chin guard that protects the head completely. 
  • The inside of the motocross helmet is removable for easy cleaning. 
  • It has a striking and risky design that invites to adventure. 
  • It must be homologated


Now that you know what an off road helmet is and what are its essential features, we invite you to visit our motorcycle store to discover the different models of motocross helmets that we have available for you.  


In Motopasión Store you will also find all the essential accessories for the motorcyclist: motorcycle jacket, motorcycle gloves, airbag, boots and pants. And if you are looking for bargain prices, be sure to visit our motorcycle outlet store with the best deals on the best brands. 


If you need help to make your purchase, remember that you can chat with our customer service staff or come to one of our stores in Vigo and A Coruña, we are waiting for you! 


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