The dry suit is the perfect garment so that the weather doesn't separate you from your motorcycle. No matter if it's hot or cold, a good dry suit can help you warm your body in the winter and cool it in the summer. Do you already have yours? 


If you still do not have your motorcycle dry suit, you should know that in the market you will find many options, but the best price you will only find it in Motopasión Store, your motorcycle store for motorcyclists. 


This category is specially dedicated to the benefits of getting a motorcycle dry suit and the factors you should take into account when choosing yours. Here we go! .


What is a dry suit for?

Motorcycle dry suit are one-piece suits that protect the rider from the weather and can be adapted for use in both summer and winter. These motorcycle suits are made of very light thermal fabrics that mold perfectly to the rider's body and are very comfortable.


The suits are close-fitting and stretchy so that the rider feels totally free to move when riding his motorcycle. And, as well as being thermal, they are also breathable, as they have micro-perforations in the fabric that facilitate air circulation. 


Riding your motorcycle with a dry suit will mark a before and after in your history as a biker. The comfort and convenience is such that you won't want to stop wearing it. And, best of all, you can forget about inclement weather forever. 


Advantages of having a motorcycle dry suit

The dry suit is an allied garment for those bikers who enjoy traveling on the road with their motorcycle. In addition to protecting you from the cold and heat during the ride, the dry suit is one of the best garments to protect you from the wind without having to be overdressed. 


Among the advantages of having a motorcycle dry suit we would like to highlight the following: 


  • It protects areas of your body from the weather that are very important, such as the extremities, back and torso. 
  • They are made with fabrics that are very comfortable. 
  • Biker gear brands are making dry suit with modern and colorful designs.  
  • They help to make riding your motorcycle more comfortable, practical and safe.
  • The weight of the overalls is so light that it is more practical to wear and to equip than other garments. 


How to choose motorcycle overalls?

If you have decided to buy a motorcycle overalls, the first thing you should know is that you will find many models, brands, sizes, etc. on the market. So that you don't get overwhelmed by so much variety, we share with you some tips on how to choose the right suit


  • It is important that the dry suit is made with high quality fabrics, as this will depend on your comfort when wearing it. 
  • Prefer thermal overalls, as they perfectly protect you from the cold. If you want a winter jumpsuit, check that it is made of fabrics with higher thermal capacity. 
  • Look for a jumpsuit that you really like, that you feel free to move in, that you like the way it looks on your body and that its seams do not bother you. 


Where to buy a dry suit?

Motopasión Store is a biker store for bikers, so we offer everything you need to assemble your equipment, including the best motorcycle sotomono on the market


In this category you can find Alpinestars overalls, Dainese overalls, Rev'it overalls and Spidi overalls. If you have doubts about which one to choose and need advice, consult our customer service team right now


And if you really like any of our suits and you want to measure it, remember that you can visit us whenever you want in our stores in Vigo and La Coruña, we are waiting for you! 


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