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Off Road


If you are a lover of off road you know that it is much more than a hobby. It is pure adrenaline, nature, hardness, technique and skill. Those who practice this discipline find complete freedom off road and away from the rules. In off road, you make the road. 

Off road is a discipline that is practiced off the asphalt and, although for some it is very risky, for other bikers it has been the key to achieve greater control of their motorcycle, on and off the road.

The fact is that in off-road riding the bike can skid, you have to have more control of the steering wheel and you have to know how to use the brakes. It is not for nothing that professionals like Valentino Rossi used to practice off road to improve their skills on the track. 

The equipment of off road riders is very different from that of a rider who uses his motorcycle for touring or riding in the city. Off road is a sport and as such suggests a series of special equipment.

At Motopasión Store we have everything you need to ride in the dirt and make your heart rate rise to the maximum. It doesn't matter if you are new to this adventure or if you are just looking to replace your protections, here you will find the best brands and the best prices. 


The essential equipment for motocross and enduro

The motorcyclist who practices off road must feel very comfortable in his clothing to be able to skillfully perform all the maneuvers that this sport involves. It is very important that you have a good motorcycle helmet, good quality protections and very resistant boots. 

Ideally, you should use off-road equipment and asphalt equipment. It is also important that you get items that are of very good quality, remember that it is your safety that may be at stake. 

Here are the most essential pieces of off road equipment


Off road helmet

Motocross and enduro helmets have a prominent chin guard, visor and no visor, as the ideal is to wear protective motorcycle goggles. Neither mud, dirt, rocks nor jumps jeopardize the safety offered by an off road helmet, especially if it is Alpinestar or Arai

If you want to see our off road helmets click here, we are not to blame if you can't buy just one. 


Off road boots 

Among the essential accessories for this sport, off road boots stand out. These boots are very different from the classic biker boots and racing boots. Off-road boots are much taller, sturdier and must contain a series of protections for the feet. 

The safety of your legs and feet depends largely on buying the right off road boots with toe, shin and ankle protection. It is also important that they are a flexible pair of boots that allow you to move normally and ride comfortably. 

At Motopasión Store we have a wide variety of off road boots for all tastes and from the best brands. Check them out


Off road protections 

The key to get the most out of your off-road stunts is to have the best off road protections. In this section we advise you to forget the offers and prefer the best: GasGasAlpinestarsAcerbis, among others. 


What do you need to protect your body on the off road? Find pencil and paper!

  • Neck brace to protect your neck during practice. 
  • Elbow pads to protect your elbows during a fall. These are secondary protections, but just as important, because elbow injuries take the longest to heal. 
  • bib overalls to protect your entire upper body. This garment is worn underneath the jersey and is like a kind of armor for bikers. 
  • Knee pads protect your knees from injuries and tears. It is important that your knee pads have some flexibility, they cannot be too stiff. 


Off road gloves 

Ideally, you should get a pair of flexible motorcycle gloves, because during off road riding you need to maneuver the controls perfectly. Contrary to what many people think, the protections of off road motorcycle gloves should not be rigid. 


Protective motorcycle goggles

More than goggles, these are off road goggles that fit between the visor and the chin guard of the motorcycle helmet and are fastened to the head by means of an elastic strap. The lens of the off road goggles are available in various shades and are interchangeable. 


Buy off road equipment 

In this category of Motopasión Store you will find all the off road equipment you need to practice this discipline. In addition to these 5 essential items in our motorcycle store we offer accessories for motorcyclesmotorcycle jackets and overalls for bikers

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