Thor is one of the most recognized brands in the world of equipment for off road motorcyclists. Since its foundation Thor has been characterized by being an innovative brand that reinvents itself every year to offer its riders the best clothing for the practice of enduro and motocross.


All Thor collections have the same goal: to design equipment that allows maximum freedom of movement. In Motopasión Store we tell you a little about the history and trajectory of Thor below. 


Thor, the leading off road brand

Thor is a North American brand of off road equipment well known all over the world. Thor equips the most important riders in enduro and motocross competitions with high quality clothing and safety accessories.  


Since its inception Thor has worked hard to offer off-road enthusiasts equipment that is as original, colorful and comfortable as it is safe. Thor's priority is to make the motorcyclist feel protected with its products.


One of the reasons why Thor products stand out is the quality of its protections and fabrics, which are waterproof and resistant to abrasion. This has earned the loyalty of its customers who, aware of the risks involved in off-road activities, do not hesitate to invest in safety and protection. 


Thor's catalog is very wide and offers everything a motocross lover needs: helmets, gloves, overalls, protections and even casual clothing. In addition to manufacturing high quality products since 1968, Thor has always stood out for its original, striking and different designs. 


In Motopasión Store we are pleased to have among our range of products the Thor motocross gloves. These gloves are perfect for enduro because they have built-in protections, the mesh fabric favors perspiration, they are very comfortable and have silicone injections on the fingers, to facilitate the grip of the hands.


There is no discussion, Thor is the favorite brand of Motocross lovers, and Motopasión Store is the favorite store of bikers. 

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