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Kids helmets

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 1Motorcycle child helmets


We tend to think that motorcycles are a matter for grown-ups, and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most motorcycle lovers or motocross fanatics discovered their passion at a very young age, either as co-pilots or practicing a sport on a child's motorcycle. 


The truth is that whenever a child drives or rides as a passenger on a motorcycle, it is mandatory that he/she wears a children's motorcycle helmet. Nowadays the best motorcycle helmet brands are also manufacturers of children's helmets, they offer models with children's motifs and use the same resistant materials as adult helmets. 


Choosing a motorcycle helmet for children is not a simple task, it is important that the child feels comfortable with the accessory and that it is not too big, but not too small either. 


In Motopasión Store we have a great variety of motorcycle helmets for children, of different sizes and models. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this essential accessory.


When can a child be a passenger on a motorcycle?


The first thing you should know before buying a motorcycle helmet for children is that according to the road traffic regulations, children can be passengers on a motorcycle from 12 years of age. 


However, these regulations also state that a child can be a co-pilot on a motorcycle from the age of 7 as long as the motorcyclist is his or her father or mother. In this case, the child must be seated astride behind the representative and not in front of him/her. Neither should the child's feet be dangling from the motorcycle. 


However, it is a totally different story when the child is riding with a parent. The story is totally different when the child practices a sporting discipline on his or her motorcycle, such as enduro or motocross. In this scenario, the parents have given their consent for the child to ride the child's motorcycle on trails and in competitions. And, of course, the use of motorcycle helmet for children is still mandatory. 


Types of motorcycle helmets for children

There are many types of children's motorcycle helmets, but the safest are full-face, jet and off road helmets. Let's get to know them!


Full-face helmet for children

There are many types of motorcycle helmets, and for children the most recommended model is the child full-face helmet. This motorcycle helmet protects both the head and the face of the child in case of an accident


These helmets must have the necessary homologation, are one-piece and are the safest model of all types of helmets on the market. 


Jet type helmets for children

Another option of motorcycle helmets for children is a children's jet helmet. Unlike the full-face children's helmet, open-face helmets for children offer less safety, as they leave the face and jaw uncovered. They are suitable for short trips and are much lighter.


Off-road helmets for children

More and more young people are encouraged to practice enduro or motocross. And in Motopasión Store we also offer a wide variety of motorcycle helmets for children focused on the practice of these sports. 


The off road helmets for children are children's motorcycle helmets with an adjustable visor and several ventilation points. Their design guarantees maximum safety and additionally they incorporate a double D-ring fastening system.


The interiors of these children's helmets have been manufactured with highly breathable and washable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort during sports practice or competitions.


Motorcycle helmet for children, the best option

Motorcycle helmets for children last only a few years, since as the child grows up, it will become too small and will have to be replaced by another one. That is why it is advisable to get a safe but affordable helmet. 


In Motopasión Store we offer a wide variety of models, brands and prices of children's motorcycle helmets. We invite you to take a look at our category of children's helmets and know our Best Sellers.