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For Ixon the quality of its garments is very important along with comfort for bikers and this whole set is synonymous with excellence. It wants to offer a necessary functionality for each person and you know that being an international brand each country has different needs and that is why it marks it in its motorcycle jackets.


The Ixon jackets has a variety of ranges within its catalogue:

The Ixon winter jackets, incorporate a waterproof membrane that the brand itself has developed called XDRY, tested with optimal performance, waterproof and at the same time breathable. That means that you can drive your motorcycle without the risk of arriving wet at the destination. These jackets incorporate elbow and shoulder protections as well as a removable lining for the cold in the months with less degrees.

For the hottest months discover the range of Ixon summer jackets with anti-abrasion material and a breathable textile to keep the suitable temperature when driving the motorcycle, for this range there is a wide variety of colors and designs.

The Ixon women's jackets are created with a feminine pattern, thus adjusting optimally to the body, it is designed to high performance and safety with protections on elbows and shoulders.

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Take a look at the brand's catalog and discover the catalogs of Ixon gloves or buy one of the Ixon jumpsuits fashionable and with the highest quality. And don't forget to buy Ixon boots, because in them you will find safety, comfort and quality.

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