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If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket that you can wear almost all year round, the softshell motorcycle jacket is an excellent choice. While there is an ideal jacket for every climate, the softshell jacket is perfect for the in-between seasons, because its construction is usually very simple, but its windproof lining allows us to stretch its use a little more during the year.


The softshell jacket is that garment that does not keep you too warm, like a waterproof jacket, but is not as cool as a ventilated jacket. For this reason most bikers have in their closet a softshell jacket, the perfect jacket for the in-between seasons. 


At Motopasión Store we love to ride with the comfort offered by a softshell motorcycle jacket. That's why we tell you what softshell is, what it's for and how to know if you need one. 


What is softshell?

First we want to start by explaining what softshell is. Softshell is a fabric that provides protection with maximum lightness. Softshell is composed of three layers: polyester on the surface layer, an intermediate membrane and a polar fleece or microfleece on the inside. 


The use of softshell in motorcycle jackets was born out of the need to offer the rider a garment for outdoor activities, just like Gore Tex. Unlike Gore Tex, softshell is much cooler, lighter, more flexible and versatile. 


What a softshell jacket is for

The best thing about the softshell jacket is its utility, because you can use it many months of the year. In Motopasión Store we say that it is the perfect jacket for the in-between seasons, because although it is not as warm as a winter jacket, it is not as ventilated as a summer jacket


The softshell motorcycle jacket is a garment that offers a warm interior and on the outside can have features against wind and rain, without being waterproof. However, not all softshell jackets are windproof or drizzle resistant.


The softshell jacket is a very comfortable garment for motorcycling because it is breathable and warm at the same time, but above all, because its flexible fabric allows us to ride in comfort. 


Outside the motorcycling environment, softshell jackets are also widely used in work environments that require protection from the cold. These jackets are perfect for workers who work in places where the temperature is not below freezing, but the environment is very cold or chilled. 


Differences between softshell and hardshell


Many of our customers have asked us about the differences between softshell and hardshell, and the truth is that they differ in everything. Perhaps the only thing these two textiles have in common is that they are both used to make motorcycle jackets


The main differences between softshell and hardshell are: 


  • 1)  Softshell is very comfortable, flexible and breathable. 
  • 2)  Hardshell is breathable, but is waterproof and less warm. 
  • 3)  Hardshell is made with Gore-Tex and softshell can be a combination of nylon and polyester. 
  • 4)  Softshell is windproof and can withstand drizzle. Hardshell is waterproof and protects from rain, hail and snow. 
  • 5)  Softshell is heavier, but is warm from the cold. Hardshell is lighter, but does not provide warmth, its function is to keep you dry.  


Need to buy a softshell jacket?

We know you're thinking you need a hybrid between softshell and hardshell, but it hasn't been invented yet and, at the moment, we can't have the best of all worlds in one motorcycle jacket


However, we think that if you've come this far it's because you need to buy a softshell jacket, and the good news is that you've come to the right place: Motopasión Store


In our motorcycle store you will find softshell jackets from the best brands in the market such as Alpinestar, Dainese, Ixon, Spidi, Rev'it and many more. That's why we invite you to visit our softshell motorcycle jackets category and know our best sellers. 


At Motopasión Store we offer the best prices on the market, so you can get the motorcycle jacket of your dreams without going out of your budget. 


And, if you wish, you can complement your softshell jacket with a motorcycle helmet or motorcycle gloves. In our store you will find everything you need to complement your motorcycle equipment. 

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