Motorcycle jackets are the garment that best accompanies the biker on and off his motorcycle. Unlike the motorcycle helmet or motorcycle gloves, the jacket is always with us and is a fundamental part of our biker look, especially if it is a leather jacket. 


Most bikers have more than one motorcycle jacket. We usually have a waterproof jacket for the winter and a ventilated jacket that can be a cordura or a leather jacket.


The leather motorcycle jacket is the protagonist of this category of Motopasión Store and here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it: what it is for, when to use it and which brands to buy. Here we go! 


Motorcycle leather jacket, a must-have in your closet


When we think of a biker jacket, a leather motorcycle jacket immediately comes to mind. And the fact is that many years ago the prototype of the adventurous biker was created in movies and advertisements: motorcycle boots, leather jacket, sunglasses and scruffy jeans


The truth is that history has not changed, and if there is one thing we bikers enjoy, it is to see ourselves for what we are. And to achieve this, nothing better than a motorcycle leather jacket, the key garment to achieve the perfect outfit and to get the right protection.  


Many people think that leather motorcycle jackets are a biker accessory and nothing more. This is not true. All motorcycle jackets have an important function: to protect the rider in case of falls and accidents and to help him to better tolerate the weather and the wind. 


The leather jacket for motorcyclists is as functional as the cordura jacket or the ventilated textile jacket. Depending on the model you choose, it can have more or less protection or help you withstand more or less cold and heat. There are as many leather motorcycle jackets as there are motorcyclists' needs. 



Advantages of leather motorcycle jackets

If you are still undecided and do not know which motorcycle jacket is better for you, if a leather or a cordura one, in Motopasión Store we tell you right now what are the advantages of a leather motorcycle jacket:


  • Motorcycle leather jackets offer high resistance to abrasion. 
  • They usually have removable protections on elbows, shoulders and back. 
  • Motorcycle leather jackets are available in CE approved and homologated.
  • The leather jacket can be perforated to offer better ventilation to the rider in spring and summer.
  • There are also motorcycle leather jackets for winter. These garments have a removable inner thermal lining to acclimatize the rider. 
  • These are the motorcycle jackets that offer you the authentic biker style of a lifetime. 
  • Leather is a durable material that if you take proper care of it can last you a lifetime. 


Which leather motorcycle jacket to buy?

There are many models of leather motorcycle jackets, some offer a sporty look, others are ideal for road and others for competitions. 


In Motopasión Store we present you our best sellers, those garments that our customers always prefer because they are of very good quality and quite safe. Let's get to know them: 


Alpinestars Jaws V3

Bovine leather, the best quality in the market, high abrasion resistance, elastic panels for a freer movement and Alpinestar brand protections. Learn more about the Alpinestars Jaws V3 leather jacket here


Moor Legend

If you're looking for a vintage, legend style, this Moore leather jacket is for you. Chest area vents, elbow, shoulder and back protectors, cowhide leather construction. Check out this leather jacket here


Alpinestar Stella gal

The Alpinestar Stella gal is the jacket of your dreams if you are looking for a women's leather jacket that makes you look like an adventurous biker. This garment is a luxury: it is made of full grain leather, has removable flannel lining, homologated protections, reinforcement padding and a spectacular design. 



Dainese Agile

It is made of Tutu cowhide and comfort fabric. The Dainese Agile is for a sporty and modern motorcyclist, so it is available in black and in more colorful shades such as orange. It has homologated and removable protections, reflective elements and the mix of leather and cordura makes it a comfortable and unique garment.  



Why buy your leather jacket at Motopasión Store?

In Motopasión Store, besides having leather jackets for all tastes, we offer the best brands in the market: Alpinestar, Dainese, Ixon, Moore, Rev'it and Spidi


We work with these brands because as we are also bikers, we understand the importance of buying a quality motorcycle jacket that will last a lifetime and protect you like no other. 


We invite you to visit our leather jackets category, there you will find different models and prices of leather jackets for men and leather jackets for women. If you need advice to make your purchase, do not hesitate to chat with our customer service team. 


If you are in Galicia and you want to measure a model, remember that you can visit our stores in Vigo and A Coruña, we will be happy to assist you, we are waiting for you! 

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