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Within the best positioned brand in the market we find its motorcycle jackets, with characteristics such as quality and reliability. Dainese jackets are chosen by bikers for their style and comfort when getting on the motorcycle, they adapt to the needs of each biker.

The Vicenza brand, Dainese is in continuous innovation to offer a wide range of jackets with a different style and with improved features for the protection of the biker on the road.


Within the Italian brand we can find a wide variety of models.

The jackets Dainese sanity These are motorcycle jackets made of textile, with an advantage and that is that Dainese has the advantage of flexibility and touch for the comfort of the biker. They integrate removable protections so that you can be safe on the motorcycle.

The jackets Daines womane are designed with a feminine pattern for a greater comfort fit to the body, they incorporate protections so that you can go safely on your routes.

The jackets Dainese winter integrate materials that withstand low temperatures as well as a thermal lining that protects us from the wind and cold and a waterproof membrane with all this plus the protections you will be ready for the routes winter.

The jackets Dainese summer are designed so that in this season of the year you do not get hot, they are created with a micro-perforated fabric which allows ample ventilation and you can go without stress at a suitable temperature in the driving.

The jackets Dainese leather are created with leather and materials to make it flexible and driving comfortable and safe and incorporate protections. The design in these motorcycle jackets is characterized by style and comfort despite its rigidity.

The jackets Dainese waterproof are designed so that the waterproof membrane does not allow water to pass through. Another waterproof option are the jackets created with gore-tex and laminated gore-tex material, these are characterized by greater water resistance.

The jackets Dainese airbag are those that can be incorporated with an airbag or already have it included in the jacket itself. They are compatible as long as they are from the same Dainese brand.


On our website and stores you can find the complete Dainese catalogue, so you can dress the Italian brand from head to toe, starting with Dainese boots with any style from casual to racing, always with protections for your safety, we continue with Dainese pants with a wide range and diverse styles. To continue we have Dainese gloves that has waterproof summer and winter motorcycle racing gloves.

You can also take a look at the Dainese suits, to the clothes casual Dainese and Dainese protections for the motorcyclist.

At the Motorpasión Store we have a Dainese Outlet section so you can take advantage of the best prices of the Italian brand at just one click.

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These are our Dainese jacket recommendations for this season:

  • Dainese Sevilla Air Tex jacket black / olive green
  • Dainese Agile jacket matte black / gray
  • Dainese D-Explorer GTX ebony / black / red jacket
  • Dainese Avro 4 black jacket
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