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The company was founded in 1992 in Barcelona by the hand of NAD, a group of which it is a part. Shad offers bags, tops and seats for the motorcycle world. The year 2022 has celebrated its 30th anniversary, with a great international expansion since it markets in more than 70 countries.

The brand is a benchmark in innovation and creation of product designs. Its last venture was to enter the adventure sector, creating expectation among bikers. Every day more bikers trust the brand since thanks to its engineering it certifies the highest quality in the materials manufactured, they work hand in hand with the main brands.


At Motopasión Store we have a variety of Shad products that are available to you on the web, you can buy online and get it to you quickly and easily.

The Shad trunks have a wide variety of models and designs as well as different sizes in each model . You can find motorcycle trunks that offer easy-to-install brake light, shad cases have a grill and screws for installation.

The Shad bags exist in different ways, that is, different models to anchor to the warehouse of the motorcycle or to your body, either on the leg or on the hip, you can buy the one that fits your needs, you can enjoy various models.

The Shad side cases, in this area differs by the category of the motorcycle, by For this there are several ranges, the special Terra range, these are side cases for trail-type motorcycles and another range for different motorcycles, with a large capacity to store your helmets or motorcycle gear.

The Shad side case supports, have been created to securely anchor motorcycle side cases , avoiding the movement of the suitcase, so that it provides you with driving comfort without you being able to notice the suitcase suddenly.

You can buy the entire Shad catalog at Motopasión Store with irresistible prices, online and if you have any questions you can go to the store to ask us.

You can also take a look at the catalog and prices Givi.

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