Before talking about SHAD we must talk about NAD, a company founded in 1973 with the aim of designing and manufacturing top cases and seats for the main motorcycle brands. The headquarters of this company is located in Barcelona, Spain, and from there they manage their entire national and international value chain.  


In Motopasión Store we want to share with you a little bit about the history of one of the most influential Spanish brands in the motorcycling world: the SHAD brand. 


What is the SHAD brand?

Years after the founding of NAD, specifically in 1992, SHAD was born. This brand is in charge of designing, producing and distributing NAD products to international brands. So we can say that the arrival of SHAD to the market represents the internationalization of NAD products. 


After working hard, for more than 25 years, to rise in the market and get a privileged place in the minds of motorcycling giants, the brand receives a well-deserved award. In 2017 the German Design Award, awards the SH36 side case as the best on the market. 


SHAD is well known for being the first brand to present a new concept of expandable side case for motorcyclists. For the company this achievement represents the consolidation of its technical, commercial and sector know-how. We are talking about the SH59X and SH58X cases, which offer adjustable volume in three positions and marked a milestone in the world of traveling bikers. 


Today the brand continues to lead the motorcycle side cases market, being the SH43 and SH36 models one of the best sellers in our motorcycle store. Do you want to know them? Let's go there!


SHAD SH43 side case

This case is perfect for traveling and you carry everything you need comfortably and without having to leave anything outside. Among its advantages we highlight that it has a capacity of 43 liters, which is equivalent to the capacity of 2 full-face helmets. It is waterproof, impact resistant and very stable. Learn more about the SHAD SH43 here. 


SHAD SH36 side case

This case stands out for its innovative design and its capacity to store an XXL modular helmet. This case features the SHAD 3P System design that offers a design that integrates better with the bike and is lighter. Learn more features of the SHAD SH36 here.

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