Revit is a brand of biker gear that was founded in 1995 and for the short time it has been on the market it has become one of the bikers' favorites. The reason? An excellent quality/price ratio that has earned it a very loyal following. 


In Motopasión Store we are also faithful followers of Revit products and today we want to tell you a little more about the history of this brand.  


Where does the Revit brand come from?

In 1995 the Dutchman Ivan Vos decided to become independent and start his own motorcycle clothing brand. His experience in importing biker gear had helped him to identify that there were two groups of biker clothing on the market: cheap products of poor quality and expensive products of innovative design.


From that niche that Ivan Vos discovered in the Netherlands came the premise that today is responsible for Rev'it's success: making protective motorcycle clothing that helps the rider look their best on and off the bike. 


The Revit brand comes to the market offering good prices without compromising product quality. Since its inception it has been a brand that has paid a lot of attention to detail, all elements of its products are checked and approved by the main factory in Holland and without exceptions. 


Rev'it, a technological brand

In the 2000s Rev'it bets on technology as a pillar of the company and begins to use 3D designers to make their garments


This innovation marked a before and after in the history of the Revit moto brand, as it gave birth to the "Engineered Skin", a concept that relocates the position of the seams of the garments to place them in less dangerous areas in case of accidents. 


Also in that decade, the brand introduced its products in the United States and took a giant step forward: in 2008 it entered the world of competition! 


Rev'it is a brand that never stops. Among its great contributions we can highlight that it was the first brand to use Cordura, has its own testing laboratory and in 2020 acquired the Gore-Tex license for footwear. 


In Motopasión Store we offer you a great variety of Revit motorcycle clothing at the best price in the market. In addition to Revit jackets and Revit gloves, we also have many products of this brand in our offers section. 

With Black Friday Revit you can enjoy great discounts on one of your favorite brands. Now buying online at Motopasión Store will allow you to save on your next motorcycle equipment.

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