Motorcycle airbags are the latest technology in terms of protection for motorcyclists. These safety accessories absorb 90% of the energy of impacts caused by falls or accidents. 


Airbags are perfect for you if you are someone who enjoys long road trips on your motorcycle and want extra protection over and above your motorcycle suit or motorcycle jacket


Airbag protectors help prevent highly dangerous injuries thanks to their sophisticated technology. The airbag system is constantly analyzing the rider's behavior to determine when to activate and inflate the airbag that will absorb the energy of the impact. All this magic can happen in just seconds.  


There are different types of motorcycle airbag protections, the most common are airbag vests and jackets. There are also motorcycle suits with integrated airbag, which are mandatory for riders who participate in professional competitions such as MotoGp.  In Motopasión Store you can find all these airbag protections. 


In this category of airbag protections you can find different models of airbag vests Dainese, Ixon, Spidi and Alpinestars. We love working with the best brands of motorcycle equipment because they are constantly innovating for the safety of all types of bikers. 


In addition to the motorcycle airbags, in our category of protections you can find other accessories that will help you protect your torso and other parts of your body. The back protectors, for example, are very important to take care of your cervical spine, to the point that their use in competition is mandatory. 


We also have a great variety of knee and elbow pads, essential protections for lovers of off road disciplines. 


In Motopasión Store you will find the best equipment for bikers and for your bike too. You can visit our physical stores in Vigo and La Coruña or chat with our customer service if you have any questions with your purchase.

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SPIDI Full 60cc CO2
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SPIDI Full 60cc CO2

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