Comparing motorcycle elbow guards will always be an excellent decision. Elbows are among the most delicate joints in the entire human body. Any elbow injury, no matter how minor, can become a very annoying problem when riding and maneuvering your motorcycle. 


Elbow guards are very important for your safety, especially if you are a lover of off road disciplines such as cross and enduro. Motocross elbow guards protect the entire joint and absorb the impacts of blows and falls to avoid injuries. 


In Motopasión Store we tell you below what motorcycle elbow pads are for and how to choose the best ones. 


What are motocross elbow pads for?

Buying motorcycle elbow pads is the best thing you can do to increase your safety on two wheels. Just like motorcycle gloves and motorcycle knee pads, elbow pads are inexpensive and very useful protections that will help you avoid serious injuries while riding your motorcycle. 


The main function of enduro or motocross elbow pads is to absorb the shocks that this joint may suffer during a fall or accident. Motorcycle elbow pads protect all the parts that form and surround the elbow without limiting the joint's freedom of movement.  


During a fall the first thing we usually do is stop the impact with our hands. Now, imagine that fall happens, for example, at 50 kilometers per hour, can you get an idea of all the impact your elbow receives at that speed? When you have good articulated motorcycle elbow guards, the protection absorbs the impact and prevents injury to your elbow. 


Types of motorcycle elbow guards

There are two types of motorcycle elbow guards or mtb elbow guards: adjustable and sleeve type. The first type holds better to the elbow, but they are more uncomfortable and tend to tighten. The sleeve type elbow guards are fastened with adjustable fabric and are more flexible. 


How to choose the best motorcycle elbow pads

Choosing elbow pads for motorcyclists may seem very simple, however there are certain factors and features that you must take into account to get the best motorcycle elbow pads. In Motopasión Store we tell you what they are: 


  • 1-  Motorcycle elbow pads should be made of highly resistant materials to protect the joint and be durable. 
  • 2-  Prefer elbow pads that mix soft and rigid materials, as they protect you and are comfortable at the same time. Elbow pads that are too stiff are very uncomfortable and too soft do not protect enough. 
  • 3-  Elbow pads should give you maximum freedom of movement. If your elbow pads restrict your movement while riding they can be more of a hazard than protection. 
  • 4-  The key is to get articulated motorcycle elbow pads.
  • 5-  Choose elbow pads that are adaptable in size and have straps for proper fit so they won't move while you ride. 
  • 6-  The elbow pads should fit snugly on your elbow, not be uncomfortable, not tight, and not be loose. 


Where to buy motorcycle elbow guards?

In our category of elbow pads you can find all the available models that we have in Motopasión Store. Why buy in our motorcycle store? Because like you, we are also bikers, and we only work with brands that guarantee the best quality and price ratio. 


In our store you will also find motorcycle helmets of all types: full face, modular, off road and jet helmets. And, of course, we have available everything you need to enjoy your motorcycle: motorcycle jackets, pants, overalls and accessories


Your protection is the most important thing, so don't think twice and get now the best pair of motorcycle elbow guards at the best price on the internet. 


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