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Every motorcyclist must have his motorcycle equipment, the one that allows you to enjoy your route with maximum safety and comfort. In addition to your helmetglovesboots and jackets, you should also have at least one good pair of motorcycle pants.

There are several types of motorcycle pants that adapt to the style of the rider and offer maximum comfort during the route. No matter if you prefer motorcycle jeans, leather pants or a two-piece motorcycle suit, the ideal is that you find the pants that best suit your needs and with which you want to ride endless miles.


Types of motorcycle pants

If you are looking for motorcycle pants you should know that in Motopasión Store we have a wide variety of models to suit different tastes and pockets. In this category you can find several types of motorcycle pants, the most sought after by our customers are the following:


Waterproof motorcycle pants

Combat the cold and the rains during the winter by getting yourself a pair of waterproof pants. Waterproof motorcycle clothing is the key to be able to enjoy your motorcycle during the winter without having a bad time, because it is made with a special fabric that prevents the passage of water. However, keep in mind that this type of motorcycle pants do not have protections.


Cordura waterproof motorcycle pants

If in addition to protect you from the rain you want to protect yourself, you should opt for waterproof cordura motorcycle pants. These garments have protections on the knees and hips that will protect you in case of a fall or accident.

Most of these motorcycle pants models have a removable thermal lining so that you can wear your textile pants in cold conditions or in higher temperatures. In addition, Cordura is a fabric very similar to nylon, so it offers excellent mobility to the motorcyclist in any of its different thicknesses.

About these garments it is essential that you know that they were designed exclusively for traveling, not for the city.


Leather motorcycle pants

For lovers of sport motorcycles and circuits, we have leather motorcycle pants. These models are considered the safest on the market. Leather motorcycle pants have a higher level of protection and, contrary to what many people think, they do not sacrifice the rider's comfort when riding at high speeds.

There are sport and classic leather motorcycle pants. Sport pants are usually part of a two-piece motorcycle suit, and often include protection. Classics are much simpler and more aesthetically pleasing, so their level of protection is lower than that of sport leather motorcycle pants.


Motorcycle jeans

If you want to buy motorcycle pants that offer you, first of all, comfort and aesthetics, don't think twice and take a look at our motorcycle jeans.

These pants for bikers are made of denim, but inside they have a fabric that is resistant to abrasion. In addition, the models we have in Motopasión Store have protections for your knees and hips.

Motorcycle jeans are the most sought after pants by bikers, especially by those who use naked bikes, due to the balance they offer between comfort, aesthetics and protection.


How to buy your motorcycle pants?

Now that you know the types of motorcycle pants and you know which model you want to buy, here are some recommendations for a successful purchase.

Choosing the size of your motorcycle pants does not have to be a problem. The important thing is that you know your waist and leg length measurements. We advise you to take these measurements with a tape measure, then go to our size guide, select the one that corresponds to your measurements, add it to the shopping cart and you are ready to buy your motorcycle pants.

Can we help you with anything else? If so, don't forget that you can chat with our customer service.

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