When winter arrives, it is important to adapt all our motorcycling equipment to the cold. Motorcycle gloves for winter are one of the most important accessories for the biker during this season, since the feel, comfort and safety when riding a motorcycle depend on them.


Having good motorcycle gloves for winter is very important to be well protected from water and cold in each of your trips. For this reason in Motopasión Store we share with you some tips to buy your gloves for the cold. 


How are motorcycle gloves for winter?

Motorcycle gloves are indispensable for the motorcyclist, because they are responsible for the hands to have a comfortable touch to properly master the motorcycle. In addition, gloves protect from the weather and prevent possible injuries in accidents.


There are many types of motorcycle gloves, and in this category the protagonists are the winter motorcycle gloves. These gloves are made of warm and thermal fabrics to protect the hands from the cold and water. However, not all winter motorcycle gloves are 100% waterproof.  


Like most motorcycling gloves, winter gloves are fitted with protectors to protect the knuckles, palms and wrists. Gloves that do not include the protectors have spaces for easy insertion of the protectors. 


Most winter motorcycle gloves are made with Gore Tex technology, which ensures that the glove is 100% waterproof. Other gloves are made with waterproof membrane from other brands and there are also heated gloves. 


How to choose a winter motorcycle glove

When buying winter motorcycle gloves you should take into account some aspects to get good quality, durable, resistant and, above all, suitable for the cold. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right winter motorcycle gloves: 


  • 1)  It is essential that your winter motorcycle gloves are waterproof. Nowadays there are many waterproof motorcycle membranes, but in the motorcycling world the favorite of all is the Gore Tex. 
  • 2)  Winter gloves must retain heat, otherwise they will not be useful to protect you from the cold for a long time. Check that the textile of your gloves is warm enough. 
  • 3)  Winter motorcycle gloves must be breathable to combat perspiration. This point is very important for motorcyclists who practice off-road disciplines. 
  • 4)  Choose a winter motorcycle glove that is compatible with touch screens. 
  • 5)  For winter, you should ideally use a long-cuffed glove that you can easily adjust with your waterproof motorcycle jacket
  • 6)  Motorcycle gloves should always have padding and protection


What are the best winter motorcycle gloves?

There are many types of winter motorcycle gloves on the market, and the best ones are those made with a fully waterproof membrane such as the one offered by Gore Tex technology. Of course, you should also take into account your budget and the use you make of your motorcycle.


Alpinestars, Dainese, Spidi and Revit are some of the brands that offer winter motorcycle gloves with Gore Tex technology and an excellent quality/price ratio. Alpinestars gloves stand out among the favorites of motorcyclists. 


In Motopasión Store we have a wide variety of motorcycle gloves for the cold of the best brands in the market. We also have everything you need to build your winter equipment: waterproof jackets, waterproof pants, overalls, boots and much more. 


If you need advice during the choice of your winter motorcycle gloves you can chat with our customer service staff. You can also call us or visit our stores, we are waiting for you!  

Black Friday for winter motorcycle gloves is here! Enjoy great discounts and equip yourself with the highest quality at the best price against the cold.

You can also take a look at the winter motorcycle gloves outlet, where you will find incredible discounts throughout the year.

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