Leather gloves are an excellent choice if you are looking for motorcycle gloves for the day to day, those that accompany you all year round and provide safety, comfort and an unbeatable touch with the controls of your motorcycle. You can find them in different models, brands and designs. 


Leather gloves are the most sought after by motorcyclists, as they offer a very noticeable biker style, are always in fashion and provide superior abrasion resistance. In addition, these gloves are quite comfortable and flexible. 


In this category of Motopasión Store we tell you about the advantages of leather gloves and offer you some tips on their care.


Leather motorcycle gloves, are they the best option?  

Leather motorcycle gloves are the most sought after because the leather is much more resistant to abrasion than other types of fabrics. Bikers prefer a good pair of leather gloves because they offer them better protection, in addition to that biker aesthetics that everyone likes. 


The style of leather gloves never goes out of fashion, as they are elegant and can be worn with any type of clothing. These gloves also have protections, ventilation system and some may include a thermal lining to protect the hands from the cold and water. 


There are leather gloves that combine leather and elastic textiles to make them more comfortable. These motorcycle gloves are ideal, as they offer the rider better mobility in the extremities and much more control when manipulating the controls of his motorcycle. 


How to choose good motorcycle leather gloves

When you go to buy your leather motorcycle gloves, pay close attention to the following features: 


Fit of the motorcycle leather glove

Your leather glove should easily adapt to the size and shape of your hand, otherwise it is not the right glove for you. They should also be flexible so that you can ride with full control of your motorcycle.


Ventilation system

Your leather gloves should have a good ventilation system that allows air to flow constantly inside. This way you will be able to fight sweat and prevent moisture from the environment from concentrating inside the glove. 


Leather gloves with protections

Ideally, your leather motorcycle gloves should include protections on the knuckles, wrists and palms of the hands. In case of not having the protections incorporated, motorcycle gloves should have the pockets to insert them. 


The quality of the glove

We advise you to get a pair of leather motorcycle gloves whose leather is of very good quality. The better the quality of the leather the longer your gloves will last. 


Resistance of the glove

Prefer leather gloves that have been made with nylon stitching, as this material is much more resistant. 


How to care for your leather motorcycle gloves

The smooth leather from which most motorcycle gloves are made must be properly cared for so that the gloves retain their shape and are more durable over time. 


To care for your leather gloves it is important that you use special leather care products. This way you will be able to preserve the purity of the leather and provide the body with the necessary nutrients to keep it in good condition. 


Leather not only gets dirty, it can also crack and to prevent this from happening it is important to moisturize it. There are special products on the market to successfully moisturize leather gloves. 


We also recommend that after using your leather gloves you let them air for a couple of hours so that the sweat dries properly and the humidity does not deteriorate them. 


Where to buy the best leather gloves for motorcycles

In Motopasión Store we are bikers and a very fanatical about leather motorcycle gloves, so we offer the best variety of leather gloves on the market. We have options for all tastes, types of bikers and pockets. So we're sure you're just one click away from finding the leather glove of your dreams. 


We also have everything you need to keep your motorcycle gear up to date: motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, accessories and much more. 


Remember, we are a store by bikers for bikers, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need advice during your purchase.

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