Durable and resistant. This is how the leather and skin motorcycle gloves on the market are defined, designed to provide adequate protection for your hands and guarantee excellent durability, added to the fact that many of them have a retro style such as differentiating symbol.


Buying leather motorcycle gloves implies having a kit that will last over time, since they are made with types of leather that are highly resistant to wear and tear and withstand abrasions very well. You not only have durability, but also complete safety.

Another reason to buy leather motorcycle gloves for men is that they provide good grip on the handlebars and many of them They are retro-classic in style, a fashion that will never be forgotten, so you can use your gloves even after several years.

The leather motorcycle gloves also provide you with security, as do the motorcycle gloves with protection normal, on the palms, knuckles and wrists; danger zones that can be badly damaged in the event of an accident.

Likewise, they offer good air circulation so that you are comfortable and, in turn, to protect the leather from humidity. It is not an extreme type of ventilation like men summer motorcycle gloves or enduro motorcycle gloves, but they defend you quite well from the heat.

Finally, remember that if you buy leather motorcycle gloves, it is important that you take care of them by cleaning them with the right products and, above all, airing them after each use to remove moisture from sweat.


There is a wide range of leather and fur motorcycle gloves, both brands and prices, and at Motopasión Store we have it exclusively for you. Do you want retro motorcycle gloves? We've got them! And not only that, we also have road motorcycle gloves, Long-season motorcycle gloves and waterproof motorcycle gloves.

In addition, discover our winter motorcycle gloves offer and face the harsh cold of December with heated motorcycle gloves or the Gore-Tex winter motorcycle gloves. Do not think twice and browse the web, buying at Motopasión is easy and fast. Just one click away!

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