MT Helmets is a company founded in Murcia, Spain, which is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of motorcycle helmets. MT Helmets helmets are known all over the world and are among the most innovative and safest helmets on the market. 


Currently MT Helmets leads the motorcycle helmet market along with other giants such as Shoei, AGV, Arai and LS2. At Motopasión Store we tell you below a bit of the history of MT Helmets and tell you why they are so popular. 


What does MT Helmets mean?


MT Helmets is the name of a Spanish company that was founded in 1968 in Murcia and has been dedicated since then to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of motorcycle helmets. Since its beginnings, MT Helmets helmets have had a great acceptance by the motorcyclist public, to the point that nowadays they are present in more than 100 countries. 


The success of MT Helmets is largely due to the fact that since 1968 they have been offering innovative designs with an excellent quality/price ratio. So when we are asked if MT Helmets helmets are really that good, we simply raise our shoulders and say: yes, they are good!  


How is MT Helmets different from other motorcycle helmet brands? MT Helmets is always working with the latest technology in motorcycle helmet manufacturing, such as carbon fiber structures and the 100% Max Vision visor. These details translate into quality and make the difference.


In addition, we must emphasize that nowadays it seems impossible to get a more expensive helmet with the performance and price of MT Helmets. Undoubtedly this has been the key to the success of this Murcian brand. 


Today MT Helmets offers a wide variety of full face helmets, jet helmets, modular and off road helmets. In other words, it covers the needs of all types of motorcyclists and offers them the highest safety certifications in very original models. In other words, MT Helmets has everything a biker wants. 

In Motopasión Store you can get the latest models of MT Helmets helmets at the best price in the market. Also, if you get the helmet you are looking for in another store and it is cheaper, do not worry, we will match the price. 

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