Dainese is one of the most famous brands of equipment and clothing for bikers. The quality of its materials, its innovative designs and the safety of its equipment have made this Italian brand a favorite among bikers. 


At Motopasión Store we are as fanatical as you are about Dainese products, and today we want to share with you a little bit about the history of this brand.


What is the Dainese brand?

Dainese is an Italian brand of clothing and equipment for professional and amateur motorcyclists. 


In 1968 Lino Dainese took a trip to London with his friends on a Vespa scooter. During his trip he got to know superbikes, real bikers and the first leather motocross pants. When he returned, he had one goal in mind: to dedicate himself to the design and manufacture of protection for motorcycle riders


Years later, the company Dainese, a producer of motocross pants, was founded in Vicenza. In 1974 the company began to collaborate with professional riders and gradually began to make adjustments to its designs to create more comfortable and flexible Dainese pants.


That same year Dainese began sponsoring racing riders. Dieter Braun was the first official Dainese rider in the Motorcycle World Championship. Since then, the brand has always stood out for dressing the best riders in world competitions. 


Over the years Dainese continued to add new products to its portfolio. After the pants, it began to manufacture back protectors, knee sliders, motorcycle overalls, humps and one of its best-selling items: Dainese gloves


Today Dainese is one of the few motorcycle clothing brands that can afford to dress and protect a rider from head to toe. Its success is a reflection of the quality of its products and its commitment to continue innovating and improving its offer for the protection of its riders. 


Where to buy Dainese?

At Motopasión Store we are inveterate fans of this brand. We invite you to take a look at our Dainese products category and see for yourself that we have the best prices on the market. 

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