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The best allies for those rainy days are the Gore Tex motorcycle gloves, known for their highly waterproof effectiveness, even on days with the most water. And, with them on, your hands will always be dry and warm.

If you don't like the feeling of going with wet gear and being cold on those days when the temperatures drop and the sky is grey, think of the Gor-Tex winter motorcycle gloves as A good investment for your biker trips. At Motopasión Store we have the best offer and we show it to you here.


If you are thinking of buying GoreTex motorcycle gloves, you should first know that the main function of this membrane is to completely isolate your hands from water, maintaining your own body heat and absorbing sweat to get it out to the outer layer of the glove.

Sweat absorption is very important because, otherwise, that body fluid would dry out in the cold and the feeling of low temperature would be even worse, affecting your comfort while driving.

These motorcycle gloves ensure your safety and are motorcycle gloves with protections, as they have certified systems to safeguard in the event of an accident. The motocross gloves, the motorcycle trail gloves and the circuit motorcycle gloves also have them.

The GoreTex gloves are the most famous among the waterproof motorcycle gloves, but the layers Some of the road motorcycle gloves and the half season motorcycle gloves.

Also, for the cold season, your best options are heatable winter motorcycle gloves and winter motorcycle gloves. But, if you want to add a classic touch to your trip, you have at your fingertips the motorcycle leather gloves and the cafe racer motorcycle gloves.


Look no further! You are in the right place, at Motopasión Store we have what you are looking for, because our extensive catalog of motorcycle gear offers you a wide range of Gore Tex motorcycle gloves, as well as motorcycle gloves for all types of bikers, such as the junior motorcycle gloves or the girl motorcycle gloves and boy, in addition to an endless number of products at the best prices on the motor market.

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