In 1986 Antonio Locatelli founded Locatelli S.A. in a small warehouse in Italy. From there he started manufacturing his first motorcycle helmets. In 1997 Locatelli decided to take a big step and launch his own brand of motorcycle helmets, which he called Airoh. 


Today, Airoh manufactures, markets and distributes helmets in much of the world. In Motopasión Store we tell you a little of the history and trajectory of Airoh helmets. 


Where are Airoh helmets manufactured?


Airoh helmets are manufactured in Bergamo, Italy. From there the brand manufactures helmets under a very transparent mission: to offer to all motorcyclists the quality, safety and innovation that are usually intended exclusively for competition riders. 


For Airoh, the passion felt by champions in motorcycling competitions is the same passion that radiates from a rider who turns on his bike for the first time. Therefore, the brand works with the same commitment for both audiences through its Racing Unit, which is made up of former riders from the on and off road sectors.  


How are Airoh helmets made?


Each Airoh helmet is realized through an idea previously designed in 3D. After the helmet is built, it is subjected to impact simulation processes, including a wind tunnel that tests its aerodynamics. 


The molding of the helmet is done through different processes depending on the material in which it is made. Polystyrene is steam-molded, a special injection mold is used to mold the HRT and, finally, composite fibers and 3K carbon are layered by hand. 


After the molding, details such as paint, UV protective stickers and the entire interior are finished, which is entirely handmade. 


As you can see, Airoh helmets stand out for the meticulous work with which they are made and for the impetus of a brand that is determined to innovate relentlessly, because for Airoh technology is unstoppable. 


In this category of Motopasión Store you can take a look at all the Airoh helmets that you can make yours right now. And if you need advice during your purchase or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us right away, we will be happy to assist you! 

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