In the motorcycling world there is a company that has remained for many years as the largest manufacturer of helmets in the world. We are talking about none other than HJC, the famous Korean helmet brand. 


Since its inception HJC has set out to manufacture high quality helmets and offer them to the market at reasonable prices. Their mission has been more than successful and today HJC helmets are the best choice for many motorcyclists. 


In Motorpasión Store we tell you the history and some curiosities of the HJC brand, the giant of motorcycle helmets.


Where does the HJC brand come from?

HJC is a Korean brand that since 1971 has been dedicated exclusively to the specialized manufacture of motorcycle helmets. Its extensive experience in the helmet market has allowed it to innovate relentlessly to offer motorcyclists modern helmets, cutting-edge designs, maximum protection and reasonable prices. 


Unlike other motorcycle helmet brands, HJC has its own helmet testing laboratories that consist of state-of-the-art wind tunnels. These tunnels test helmet aerodynamics, ventilation and noise insulation. 


In addition, HJC Helmets currently has two helmet factories, one in Korea and one in Vietnam. From there they manufacture helmets in the high, medium and low range with the aim of satisfying the needs of all consumers around the world. This strategy has allowed them to remain in the first place of helmet manufacturers for many years. 


The HJC brand is one of the main sponsors of the most important motorcycle races in the world, such as MotoGP. Today it sponsors Nate Adams, FMX rider and X-Games gold medalist. Nate wears the HJC i50 off road helmet.


HJC helmets, top quality at a great price/quality ratio

HJC helmets are known all over the world, but the RPHA series represents the brand's premium production. These helmets are characterized by a lightweight shell and superior aerodynamics and comfort compared to the competition.  They are high-end helmets, but at affordable prices. 


If you want to buy a HJC helmets in Motopasión Store we have the best selling models of the brand at the best price in the market. Take a look at our category of HJC helmets and get yours right now. 

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