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The motorbike booties are an essential element in the equipment of a biker since they are an essential part of driving. The materials with which the motorcycle boots are made are durable and resistant to abrasion. The brands we work with look out for the well-being of the biker and their comfort, which is why they design comfortable motorcycle boots.


If you don't care about the weather to make a motorcycle trip, either in the colder months with winter motorcycle boots, they insulate the foot keeping it at a temperature that is perfect for driving, also with this weather they arrive The rain, so the ideal boots are the motorcycle rain boots with a waterproof membrane that does not let the drops pass through or a different membrane with the goretex motorcycle boots for men and women, this membrane does not allow the rain to filter and the foot breathes. an optimal way.

The opposite happens in the warmer months, there are motorcycle boots for girls and boys with totally breathable and perforated materials for maximum foot ventilation, summer motorcycle boots have protections in essential parts of the boot.

For the most daring who are passionate about motor sports, we have a category of motorcycle sport boots, the vast majority are made of the most resistant material, leather, so you will be interested in buying men's leather boots for motorcycles, where There are a variety of models and designs for you to choose your favorite. A free discipline for all types of terrain is that of motorcycle trail adventure boots. You travel on top of your motorcycle traveling through all kinds of places, whether it is dirt or asphalt, so the boots must have protections for both terrains and be made of a durable material that do not get damaged easily, they incorporate high protections for the foot.


In Motopasión Store you will discover a catalog with a wide variety of boots for all occasions. You can enjoy the road with men's road motorcycle boots or touring motorcycle boots, they have comfort for driving thanks to their interior that offers comfort and their easy-to-use clasp system, all boots incorporate protections in the essential parts of the foot

If you like adrenaline and nature, there are off-road disciplines that allow you to drive your motorcycle through a more complicated environment, which is why we have boots for dirt bikes and trial motorcycle boots on our website, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. needs, incorporate more protections.

For those in love with their immemorial motorcycle, you can find vintage motorcycle boots, you will go according to your motorcycle in a unique way, custom motorcycle boots have the same protections as any motorcycle boot in the fundamental safety parts.

Encontre sempre as suas marcas favoritas na Motopasión Store, como as botas Alpinestars ou as Botas Dainese e muitas outras. Desfrute da mais alta qualidade sempre em pé e lembre-se da importância de se proteger com o equipamento de motocicleta adequado para cada ocasião.

And if you are looking for attractive discounts from your favorite brands, you can visit the Black Friday motorcycle boots online catalog with a complete range of offers.

Do you need a recommendation on which motorcycle boots to buy? Here we leave you a list of our favorites:

  • Alpinestars Faster-3 Rideknit ankle boots black / red / yellow
  • Alpinestars Speedforce ankle boots black / white / red
  • Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R V2 ankle boots black
  • Alpinestars Sektor black ankle boots
  • Alpinestars Faster-3 black ankle boots
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