Waterproof motorcycle boots


Nothing better than having a good pair of motorcycle boots to ride your motorcycle comfortably and safely. There are many types of footwear for motorcyclists and in this category of Motopasión Store we are dedicated to tell you the benefits of getting a good pair of motorcycle waterproof boots. 



What are waterproof motorcycle boots for?

Waterproof motorcycle boots are your perfect ally to overcome the inclement winter weather and keep your feet dry on and off the motorcycle. Having good waterproof boots allows you to be protected from the rain and the cold at the same time. 


Innovative technologies such as Gore-Tex, Drystar and Dryry membranes offer waterproofing, breathability and windproofing effect to motorcycle boots. This allows the footwear to be 100% waterproof and, therefore, you can use it both for riding your motorcycle and for walking around town.   


As for the cold, we cannot forget that motorcycling is a sport and no matter how cold it is, you will always sweat a little. It is advisable, then, that you opt for waterproof motorcycle boots with a good ventilation system. 


It is also important to keep in mind that GoreTex motorcycle boots, or boots with a similar membrane, usually last for an estimated 3 years. We advise you to waterproof your boots before winter arrives to check that the waterproof effect has not expired. 


Which waterproof motorcycle boots to buy?

In Motopasión Store we offer you waterproof boots of the best brands on the market, and at an unbeatable price. You can take a look at our variety of waterproof boots here


You will find many models of rain boots, but the important thing is to recognize a pair of winter boots that you like, that suit your needs and your pocket. Keep the following tips in mind when making your choice: 


  • 1)  If your priority is to stay 100% dry, we advise you to choose a pair of high top waterproof boots. This way you will be protected from the soles of your feet to the shin. 
  • 2)  If you want to buy a 100% waterproof boot, we advise you to choose Goretex, D-Dry or Drystar motorcycle boots. These membranes are truly waterproof and do not compromise foot ventilation. 
  • 3)  Waterproof boots will be used mostly in winter. That's why we advise you to prefer boots that you can use both for riding your motorcycle and for riding in the city. Make the most of them!
  • 4)  When you travel with your motorcycle you can spend many hours at the controls. Buy waterproof motorcycle boots with an ergonomic insole, because it is important that your feet are comfortable during the whole ride. 
  • 5)  Get all the models of waterproof boots that you like. It is important that you get a pair that allows you to move your foot in all directions and does not limit any movement. 
  • 6)  Get a pair of boots that you like too much, that complement your biker look and make you feel unique on your motorcycle.  


Where to buy waterproof motorcycle boots?

At Motopasión Store we have everything you need to put together your waterproof biker gear. So, in our motorcycle store you can find the best motorcycle waterproof boots, at the best price and from the best brands. 


If you are looking for a more versatile winter shoe, we also have waterproof boots. These are perfect for you if you are one of those bikers who are bothered by long boots and feel short of movement. Of course, we invite you to take a look at our waterproof jackets and winter motorcycle gloves


Why shop at Motopasión Store? Because just like you, we are bikers! And we understand better than anyone the importance of putting your gear together without breaking the bank. And that's why if you liked one of our products and you found it cheaper in another store: we'll match the price! 

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