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If you are passionate about motorcycles and are looking for a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots for men and women that protect you from the elements, there are many options available to you. The waterproof motorcycle boots for winter are a good option, they are designed with materials that will keep you warm and dry, even in the worst weather conditions, also thanks to the fact that there is a wide variety of winter options such as cheap goretex motorcycle boots have a robust and resistant design that will protect you from the elements and any impact.


In Motopasión Store there is a pair of men's and women's winter motorcycle boots perfect for you, the waterproof motorcycle boots are resistant to the adversities of the weather, in cold climates with rain and wind you will keep your feet dry On the road, these motorcycle boots have protection and comfort for the biker.

If you prefer a more urban and elegant style, motorcycle boots are a perfect option for you. Urban motorcycle boots combine protection and style, they are very comfortable to walk on, making them ideal for those who want to reach their destination in style.

In the catalog you can find motorcycle road boots, with a variety of styles and different models so that you can choose the cheese that suits your needs, motorcycle trail boots incorporate a series of protections along the boot, such as the foot, reinforced heel and shaft as well as comfort technology for the closure, in the category of motorcycle touring boots you will discover a wide catalog of designs as well as models of custom motorcycle boots or scrambler motorcycle boots for those who are most passionate about their vintage motorcycle.

Men's and women's leather motorcycle boots can be a good option, if you want to be fully protected. The boots are made of the most resistant material, a high quality leather and offer a comfortable fit and elegant style. If you like speed and excitement, then motorcycle racing boots may be a good option for you. These boots are designed to provide a great amount of protection and a comfortable fit for road riders. In addition, they have an aerodynamic design that will allow you to move freely on the motorcycle.


What a waterproof motorcycle boot should have is a technology developed by each brand with a membrane that does not allow water to pass through the fabric, so that every time you go out riding with your motorcycle you arrive at your destination dry and with a temperature. Men's motorcycle boots and women's motorcycle boots incorporate protections in the essential parts of the boot, there are perforated motorcycle boots that their waterproof design will keep you dry in any weather condition and will keep your feet cool and comfortable, even on hot days.

Those passionate about adrenaline in nature with off road disciplines, has its own categories depending on the sport, motorcycle trial boots have a non-slip sole and additional protection for ankles and fingers, on the other hand there are motorcycle boots enduro, they will give you the traction and stability you need to maneuver through difficult terrain.

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For rainy days, our recommendation for waterproof motorcycle boots is the following:

  • Alpinestars CR-X Drystar Riding waterproof ankle boots, black
  • Seventy SD-BA5 Aventura waterproof ankle boots, black
  • Alpinestars J-6 Canvas Waterproof ankle boots black / anthracite / blue
  • Alpinestars Ridge V2 Waterproof ankle boots black
  • Alpinestars Sektor Waterproof black ankle boots
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