Motorcycle overalls are the safest and most comfortable garment for riding your motorcycle. These garments are made of fabrics such as leather or kevlar that are resistant to abrasion, impacts and tears. They are also flexible and do not restrict the rider's movement. 


There are different types of motorcycle suits, you can find one-piece or two-piece suits, with integrated airbag, waterproof and sotomono. Do you know which one you are looking for? As always: it all depends on how you use your motorcycle. 


This category of Motopasión Store is dedicated to two-piece motorcycle suits and here's everything you need to know to choose the right one. 


Two-piece motorcycle suits

Motorcycle overalls are the suits that best protect the rider while riding his motorcycle. There are one-piece and two-piece suits, how do you know which one you need? It's very simple! 


One-piece suits

One-piece motorcycle suits are perfect if you like to hit the track, ride your bike a lot or are a professional competitor. 


These suits go from the neck to the ankles, are much more comfortable and sophisticated and their fabric molds perfectly to the whole body. However, 1-piece suits are very uncomfortable off the bike and for walking as well. 


2-piece suits

Let's talk about the protagonists of this category of Motopasión Store. They are perfect for bikers who enjoy traveling with their motorcycle on the road or use their motorcycle as a means of transportation for day to day life. 


As the name suggests, these overalls are composed of two pieces, a jacket and pants, which can be joined together via a zipper. On the bike they are usually not as comfortable as the one-piece, but under the bike they are pure comfort and allow you to walk with ease. That's why we say they are perfect for traveling and touring. 


However, whether you choose a one-piece or two-piece suit, it is important that it is resistant to abrasion, impact and tears. For this, we recommend you to choose leather motorcycle suits or kevlar motorcycle suits. Both fabrics are also flexible and ventilated, so you will feel very comfortable on your motorcycle. 


Keys to choose the best 2-piece motorcycle suit 

When buying a 2-piece motorcycle suit there are many factors to consider in order to get the perfect suit. And not just perfect for you, in your size and your riding style, but safe enough to protect you at all times. 


That said, let's tell you below what are those must-have features of your 2-piece coverall. 


2-piece suit: always approved!

The best way to make sure you are buying a good quality motorcycle suit is to opt for those that are accredited with the following clothing and protection approvals: EN-13595 CE, EN-1621-1 and the EN-1621-2. 


Prefer a motorcycle suit with protections

We recommend that you get a 2-piece motorcycle suit that has protections in the most critical areas, such as knees, back, elbows, shoulders and chest. The protections, of course, must also be homologated.


High quality materials

When buying your motorcycle suit you can find a wide variety of models made of different types of fabrics. Ideally, you should prefer a motorcycle suit that is resistant, comfortable, flexible and ventilated. These properties are offered only by leather and Kevlar. 


Check the seams of your motorcycle suit

The seams of your motorcycle suit are more important than you think. The better the seams of the suit, the more difficult it will be for it to shatter during abrasion.  At Motopasión Store we prefer kevlar seams, as they are highly resistant and will keep you protected in case of contact with the asphalt. 


How to know the size of your 2-piece motorcycle suit?

Choosing the size of your motorcycle suit can be complicated, the ideal is to measure the suit, walk around with it and see for yourself how it feels, how it fits and how comfortable it is. The motorcycle suit should not be too loose or too tight: that's the dilemma! 


You should also keep in mind that there is usually a significant difference between manufacturers' sizes. So, it's best to play it safe and get measured not just one, but all the 2-piece motorcycle suits that are to your liking. 


And if you are looking for where to buy a 2-piece motorcycle suit, we invite you to visit our stores in Vigo and La Coruña. There you will find motorcycle suits of all brands, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle gloves and everything a biker needs, we also have a workshop for your motorcycle! 

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