Motorcycle suits are the essential accessory of every adventurous rider who enjoys riding for several hours on his motorcycle. This type of garment is designed to adapt to the rider and acts as a second skin on the motorcycle, facilitating driving and the enjoyment of the rider.

In our motorcycle suits category you will find different types of motorcycle suits. The important thing is that you know that with any of our models you can feel like a professional rider with your motorcycle suit.

Motorcycle suits are made of bovine or kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather suits are more exclusive, as well as lighter and more flexible. Most racing suits are made of kangaroo leather, for its high resistance to abrasion.


In Motopasionstore you can find two types of motorcycle suits

Among the types of motorcycle suits we find the two-piece motorcycle suits and the one-piece motorcycle suits.


One-piece motorcycle suit

If you plan to use it mainly in circuit, the ideal is to acquire a one-piece suit. This type of suit has a more racing cut, where safety is more important than comfort. If you are looking for maximum sportiness, you should go for a one-piece motorcycle suit.


Two-piece motorcycle suit

The two-piece suit is quite versatile, as it is ideal for short routes, where the rider needs to make stops and having the two-piece suit is much more comfortable. In addition, the motorcycle jacket is very versatile and can be used for other occasions than windproof.

For extra protection there are motorcycle suits that are compatible with the AirBag system such as the Missile, one of the most famous Alpinestars motorcycle suits. Another good option is the Dainese Laguna Seca motorcycle suit that has a lifetime warranty on zippers. These suits are ideal if you are a lover of motorcycle racing.

The motorcycle suit is, along with the helmetgloves and footwear; your safest and most comfortable equipment to enjoy as never before. 

Do you want to buy a suit? If you have any questions you can chat with our customer service.

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