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The motorcycle suits are our second skin, and never better said, because they serve as a protective layer in case of accidents at high speeds. There are one or two pieces, they are adapted for professional and day-to-day pilots.

Are you looking for buy a motorcycle suit ? At Motopasión Store we have what you are looking for to complete your motorcycle gear. Here we help you choose the one that suits you best, quickly and easily.


To buy a motorcycle suit, first, identify your type of riding. If you are one of those who participates in sports circuits, your best option is the one-piece overalls, because they come somewhat curved to adapt to the rider's position on the bike and give you greater comfort.

But if you're the road type, get yourself a 2-piece motorcycle suit, for the simple reason that it allows you to remove the jacket or pants at any time you want, in the most comfortable way, something that does not happen with 1-piece overalls.

That is the main specification that you should evaluate, then you can choose between motorcycle leather suits or more synthetic fabrics. The advantage of motorcycle leather suits is that they will last a long time and offer you unparalleled protection as they are made of leather that is highly resistant to abrasions.

This biker suit can be worn with a undersuit that gives you breathability in summer and warmth in winter. This accessory is made to fit perfectly to your body and your driving style.


Motopasión Store is the place you are looking for. We have a wide catalog of men's motorcycle suits and women's motorcycle suits in the best brands in the world. motorcycle market such as:

  • Alpinestar Suits
  • Dainese Suits
  • Ixon Jumpsuits
  • Revit Suits
  • Spidi Suits

We are your best option to get your men's motorcycle suit and leather motorcycle suit. In addition, in our outlet section you can find cheap motorcycle suits with incredible prices that you should not miss. Browse our online store!

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