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Motorcycle footwear 

Motorcycle footwear is much more than an essential part of the biker's equipment. Having a good pair of motorcycle boots guarantees your safety and protection when riding on two wheels. 

Many of our customers write to us asking what is the best motorcycle footwear and the truth is that there is no one better than another. As with motorcycle helmets and motorcycle pants, the choice of footwear depends solely on your needs. 

Some customers prefer motorcycle boots, others are looking exclusively for waterproof boots: what are you looking for? If you don't know, at Motopasión Store we help you to find out by telling you what are the types of motorcycle shoes. 

Types of motorcycle shoes

Motorcycle boots differ from the rest of the conventional footwear because they are much more rigid and have special protections that work as a shield that protects the foot during falls and accidents. 

Motorcycle boots must protect the entire structure of the foot, not only to avoid burns from the motorcycle's exhaust pipe, but also so that the rider can change gears more comfortably on the road. We are not lying when we tell you that choosing the best motorcycle shoe is important

So let's get to know the different types of motorcycle shoes:


Classic motorcycle boots

These are the boots of a lifetime, the ones preferred by riders with classic and big bikes. Although many consider them to be a fashion of yesteryear, they are still in use today for both men and women. 


Motorcycle waterproof boots

In Motopasión Store you can find one of the most sought after motorcycle footwear: waterproof motorcycle boots and waterproof motorcycle boots. This type of motorcycle footwear is manufactured with waterproof materials that are water resistant, ideal for use in autumn and winter. 


Sport motorcycle boots 

Racing or sports boots are designed for lovers of fast motorcycles and circuit routes. This footwear for motorcyclists has several protective elements and its design is almost always focused on avoiding injuries. Racing boots are the safest and have a high shaft design to protect more, as you can see in the Alpinestars SuperTech model. 


Motorcycle boots 

This is a more urban, lightweight motorcycle boot with a design very similar to street shoes. These motorcycle shoes are preferred by those who ride every day in the city. Motorcycle boots have the added bonus of being everyone's favorite for the summer, as you can ride long distances comfortably and then walk normally after getting off your bike. 


Off Road boots

They are the ideal motorcycle shoe if you are an Enduro or MotoCross enthusiast. These boots are stiffer than the previous ones, and the most important thing is the strong protection they offer. Unlike the other models, the off road boots are high top and very resistant, and have been manufactured with materials with very good performance for the motorcyclist. 


How to choose motorcycle footwear 

The key to choosing motorcycle footwear is to get a pair that protects your feet, ankles and, if possible, your shins without compromising your riding skills. In addition, motorcycle protective boots must insulate the foot from the weather: they must be waterproof!

In this category you will find all types of motorcycle boots, from casual motorcycle boots to sportier motorcycle boots. Which one to choose? Your choice depends exclusively on the type of riding you practice and the type of motorcycle you have.

Before buying motorcycle boots you should also keep in mind that:

Motorcycle shoes with plastic or metal protections better protect the limbs and tibia in case of accidents.

Wearing conventional motorcycle shoes is a risk factor that you should avoid, for your health and for the safety of other drivers. 

Always opt for a motorcycle boot that protects the tibia, remember that many motorcyclists have been injured by the exhaust pipe. 

Do you already know which model of motorcycle shoes to buy? 

Find it in Motopasión Store and buy at the best price. If you need help during your purchase do not hesitate to chat with our customer service team.