The history of Gvi is the history of a brand that was born in motorcycle racing. In 1978, after a few years as a World Motorcycle Championship rider, Giuseppe Visenzi retired from the tracks and decided to enter the world of motorcycling equipment. 


Since its foundation, Givi has been characterized by introducing in the market accessories for motorcycles such as covers, locks, panniers, gloves and much more. 


In Motopasión Store we tell you a little of the history of Givi below. 


Givi, more than 40 years offering solutions  

Givi is a brand of accessories for motorcyclists that offers from helmets to accessories for your motorcycle as spacious panniers. This brand was founded more than 43 years ago by Giuseppe Visenzi, a professional World Motorcycle Championship rider who left the tracks to start his own business. 


In 1979, just one year after founding Givi, Visenzi launched the first top case, known as the Givi E34. This would be the first accessory in a series of innovative, modern and high quality accessories for motorcycles. 


All Givi products have always been designed with the needs of motorcyclists and their demands for technology, quality and durability in mind. 


Their unconditional love for motorcycles has made this Italian brand a favorite among motorcyclists who enjoy traveling on two wheels.  


Where to buy Givi accessories?

At Motopasión Store we are fans of the mkto accessories offered by the Italian brand Givi. Their Monolock motorcycle cases are very spacious and offer storage of up to 47 liters. In these cases you can store full-face helmets, they have brake lights and are perfect for trail bikes. 


Givi also has a range of motorcycle cases called Monokey, which are ideal for long trips and are placed on the side or rear of the bike. The brand's goal is to offer innovative solutions for motorcyclists and it has done it well. 


In Motopasión Store we also offer other Givi brand products such as bags for motorcyclists, saddlebags, comfortable seats. You can see all the Givi products we have available by clicking here. 

We have everything you need and at unbeatable prices on Black Friday GIVI, where you will find the best storage for your next motorcycle route.

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