This range of GIVI products is created to facilitate the transport of the motorcycle driver's belongings, you can load it on your back easily and quickly, you can also take it with you even outside the motorcycle for any occasion, your way of carrying is of maximum comfort and is designed to distribute its weight evenly.

The GIVI backpacks have a sober design and a large capacity to transport belongings. In the complete catalog of Givi backpacks there are motorcycle backpacks to carry on the top of the suitcases with an easy and intuitive anchor for your use, it is the product that you need if you already have a complete set of suitcases and you lack capacity.

The Givi brand is at the forefront with its products thanks to its materials and benefits for the biker, discover its wide variety of backpacks of all kinds, whether to carry on the back, on the door or on the top.

In Motopasión Store you can buy online the catalog of Givi products, you can choose your favorite and place your order. Quick and simple!

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