GIVI has designed a range of motorbike trunks to transport the tools of the motorcyclists, it is a top suitcase where you can put your belongings. The technology created by Givi facilitates its use and satisfies its followers with high-quality materials.

Givi has designed two ranges of upper trunks, they can be Givi plastic suitcases or Givi aluminum suitcases, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, in addition to each range there are different capacities and models with different colors, you can combine the equipment with your motorcycle. Live new experiences with your motorcycle thanks to the Givi trunks, you can travel without worrying about the space your belongings take up.

From Motopasión store we encourage you to contact us and ask what Givi trunk you need for your motorcycle, purchase quickly, easily and simply. You may also be interested in the SHAD trunks catalogue.

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