Ixon is one of the youngest motorcycle gear brands, and since its arrival on the market it has received a surprisingly high level of acceptance. This is because Ixon has worked hard to differentiate itself from other brands, offering quality, innovative products and attractive designs for motorcyclists. 


At Motopasion Store we are fans of Ixon from the first moment, and today we tell you a little about its history and products. 


What is Ixon?

Ixon is a French brand of equipment for motorcyclists that since its arrival quickly positioned itself in the market. Today, Ixon is the number one brand in France.


The Ixon brand was born thanks to the passion of its founder, Thierry Maniguet, who at the age of 24 created the company and set himself the goal of controlling all aspects of his business, from the design of the articles to their distribution. 


Today the brand employs more than 500 people worldwide and is headquartered in Mâcon, France. Ixon recently acquired IX LAB, an innovation laboratory for the production of racing suits for MotoGP riders. 


Ixon brand products for motorcyclists

Ixon has introduced many products to the market, but its most competitive product is the suits for professional riders. The brand currently manufactures motorcycle suits for well-known riders such as Xavi Vierge, Miguel Oliveira and Bradley Smith. 


In addition to racing suits, Ixon manufactures garments for off-track use such as motorcycle jackets, which have a very attractive and sophisticated design. In our motorcycle store you will also find Ixon gloves of different types, sizes and models. 


Ixon also manufactures pants and casual clothing for motorcyclists. The brand, which was founded in 1996, has managed to become in a short time a reference of technology and innovation. Today Ixon is approaching to be one of the fastest growing brands in Europe. 

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