Knee pads are the most important protection of the off road equipment. During the practice of enduro, motocross and trial it is essential to use good motorcycle knee pads that allow you to properly protect the entire joint while driving. 


There are many types of motorcycle knee pads and they all have the function of preventing injuries to the kneecap and ligaments. Remember that the knee is the joint that supports the legs. Therefore, the more your knee is protected, the safer you will be when using your motorcycle.  


Choosing good enduro knee pads is key for you to be well protected during the practice of your favorite sport. In Motopasión Store we tell you about the different types of motorcycle knee pads that exist and we tell you how to choose the best ones. 


Types of motorcycle knee pads

If you need to buy enduro knee pads you should know that there are many types of motorcycle knee pads on the market. 


We almost always think that knee pads are exclusively for off road lovers, but the truth is that their use is also recommended for road or competition riders, as the protections are designed for the safety of all motorcyclists.


So no matter what kind of biker you are, a good pair of motorcycle knee pads is important to protect you while riding. That said, let's introduce you to the types of motorcycle knee pads you can find on the market and, of course, at Motopasión Store


Traditional motorcycle knee brace

This type of motorcycle knee brace is designed to protect mainly the ligaments of the knee. It also protects the kneecap, tendons and articular cartilage, one of the most easily injured parts. 


Unlike other more modern knee brace models, the traditional knee brace does not offer protection in areas close to the knee such as the femur and tibia. 



Articulated enduro knee brace 

The articulated knee brace protects the entire knee structure, but has appendages that offer additional protection to the tibia, femur and fibula. This type of motorcycle knee brace is perfect if you are looking for maximum protection. 


Other features of the articulated knee brace are that they offer greater freedom of movement to the rider and fit better to the joint to provide more protection. 


These knee pads are the most modern, ideal for off road and are made of materials as resistant as Kevlar and carbon fiber, both also used for the manufacture of motorcycle helmets. 


Motorcycle knee sliders

The sliders are the type of knee pads that are used as an appendix of the motorcycle suit and are intended exclusively for bikers who practice sport touring, i.e., they are knee pads for sport bikes. These knee pads offer a high level of protection to the entire joint. 


In this category of Motopasión Store you will find all the types of knee pads that we have available in our motorcycle store. 


What are the best knee pads for enduro?

Our experience as bikers has taught us that there are very good brands of equipment for bikers in the market making top quality knee pads. Thor motorcycle knee guards are an example of them, so are GasGas, Revit, Spidi and many more. 


In conclusion, the best enduro knee pads are those that perfectly protect the joint and its surrounding areas. And you can easily recognize these motorcycle knee guards because they have the following characteristics: 


  • 1- The best enduro knee pads allow the knee to flex and stretch without problems. 
  • 2- The motorcycle knee pads are lightweight, they should not add weight to the rider. 
  • 3- Enduro knee guards must be made of lightweight and highly resistant materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber. 
  • 4- They offer protection to the entire knee, tibia, femur and fibula.  
  • 5- They are comfortable while riding and allow perspiration.
  • 6- Motorcycle knee pads must be homologated. 



Buy motorcycle knee pads 

In our motorcycle store you will find the best variety of motorcycle knee pads on the internet. We have all types of knee pads for motorcyclists and, best of all, at the best price on the market. Take a look at our knee pads category and get yours right now. 


We also invite you to visit our protections section, where you will find elbow protectors, chest and back protectors, airbags and much more.  


Finally, we invite you to visit our motorcycle workshops in Vigo and La Coruña, where in addition to fix your motorcycle we offer you the best in equipment for motorcyclists, we are waiting for you! 

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