When you use your motorcycle for many hours continuously, it is very likely that you may notice an annoying pain in your lower back. This happens because all the tension that your body exerts while riding is concentrating on your lower back. How can we avoid this? By making use of a motorcycle belt. 


Lumbar supports are motorcyclist protections that increase your safety and comfort when you ride your motorcycle. Motorcycle belts are of great help in preventing painful injuries such as lower back pain, hernias and impingement that interfere negatively while riding a motorcycle. 


To prevent lumbar injuries there are several types of belts for motorcyclists and all of them can be found, at an unbeatable price, in our motorcycle store. In Motopasión Store you can find belts with zippers that you can adapt to your jacket, elastic and ventilated belts and belts made with reflective fabrics to increase your visibility on the road. 


Why is it important to use motorcycle belts?


Motorcycle kidney belt help to release the tension that is concentrated in the lower back while riding your motorcycle. By wearing the girdle you prevent your lower back muscles from overloading, correct poor riding posture and prevent road vibrations from impacting your spine. 


Types of motorcycle belts 

Today there are many types of motorcycle belts to meet the needs of all riders. Motorcycle belts are usually made of nylon and leather to provide firmness and flexibility at the same time. 


The types of motorcycle belts are: 


  • Lumbar belt with buckle that are usually made of leather and are comfortable and firm at the same time. 
  • Lumbar belt made with reflective material to increase your visibility when riding at night.   
  • Sceed lumbar belt made with nylon, highly flexible and very light.
  • Lumbar girdle tube type that offer a superior protection to the lumbar area and guarantee an optimal freedom of movement while driving. 


In our motorcycle store you can find Alpinestars belts, one of the most sought after types of belts by our customers. We also have the Dainese jacket extension belt, one of the best options to take care of your lower back. 


In addition, we invite you to know all the protections that we have available in Motopasión Store. And finally, we invite you to contact our customer service if you have any questions or if you need advice to buy your motorcycle girdle. 


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