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When you use your motorcycle for many continuous hours, it is very likely that you may notice annoying pain in the lower back area. This happens because all the tension that your body exerts when driving is concentrating on your lower back. How can we avoid this? Using a biker belt.

The motorcycle lumbar belts are protections for motorcyclists that increase your safety and comfort when traveling with your motorcycle. Motorcycle belts are of great help to prevent painful injuries such as low back pain, hernias and impingements that negatively interfere while riding a motorcycle.

To prevent lower back injuries, there are various types of belts for motorcyclists and you can find all of them, at an unbeatable price, in our motorcycle store. At Motopasión Store you can find belts with zippers that you can adapt to your jacket, elastic and ventilated belts and belts made with reflective fabrics to increase your visibility on the road.


Motorcycle belts help release the tension that is concentrated in the lumbar area while you ride your motorcycle. By wearing the belt you prevent the muscles in your lower back from being overloaded, correct poor posture when driving and prevent road vibrations from impacting your spine.

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