Motorcycle full-face protectors are essential accessories for off-road riding. They allow us to increase our safety on the motorcycle and to ride with more confidence. In addition, full-face protectors protect us from injuries during falls and accidents. 


There are many types of protections, almost as many as the parts of the body you can injure on your motorcycle. Some areas, such as the extremities, are more prone to impacts. For this reason elbow and knee pads were the first protections to be invented. 


However, over the years, protection manufacturers have managed to offer us new safety accessories, more sophisticated and with state-of-the-art technology, such as the integral protections for motocross and enduro, which include protection for elbows and shoulders. 


The integral motorcycle protections are also known as motocross bibs and enduro bibs. Motorcycle bibs are made of highly resistant materials, but are very light at the same time. They are made to protect the rider's entire torso, shoulders, elbow and back. 


Nowadays, full-face bibs are being manufactured that include protection for the neck area through the incorporation of a neck brace. Undoubtedly, motorcycle bibs are the best option to protect the entire upper body with a single protection. 


When buying your full-face protection, you should take the following factors into account: 


  • 1)  The quality of the bibs is very important. Prefer motorcycle protections made of high quality materials, as they are more durable and will protect you more. 
  • 2)  All motorcycle protections must be certified and approved. 
  • 3)  If you are going to wear your motocross bib over your motorcycle clothing, then choose a design that you like and that fits you very well. 
  • 4)  Bibs should fit comfortably, not too loose and not too tight. 
  • 5)  Bibs are not usually very expensive protections. 
  • 6)  Full-face motorcycle protectors should be easy to use, easy to put on and take off, lightweight and highly resistant to abrasion. 


If you want to buy full-face protections we invite you to see all the bibs we have available in our motorcycle store. In addition, we recommend you to visit our category of protections, where you can find all the accessories you need to be safe on your motorcycle. 


Motopasión Store is a store of bikers for bikers. That's why we offer everything you need to enjoy your motorcycle, from motorcycle helmets to spare parts for your bike, at the best price on the Internet. See you on the track! 

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