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Neck braces for motorcyclists are protections that help protect the cervical spine during the practice of extreme sports such as motocross and enduro. However, any motorcyclist who wishes to protect his neck while riding his motorcycle can wear a neck brace. 


Contrary to what we can imagine, cervical collars are quite comfortable, they even help us to correct our body posture when we are using the motorcycle. These neck protectors are very useful and safe to avoid lethal injuries to the cervical spine. 


When buying a motorcycle neck brace you should make sure that it is comfortable, otherwise it can be a nuisance while riding. We advise you to prefer padded motocross neck braces, as they do not put stress on the neck and are really comfortable. 


It is also advisable that you choose an enduro neck brace that is resistant, as the level of protection of your neck and neck depends on this characteristic. Of course, the neck brace should offer you total freedom of movement so that you can do all your stunts on the bike correctly. 


In Motopasión Store we offer excellent options of cervical collars for motocross and enduro. In this category you can find several models of neck braces Alpinestars, Atlas and EVS, undoubtedly the best brands of cervical protections and the best value for money. 


If you practice off road disciplines it is very important that you have the necessary motorcycle protections to ensure your safety on the ground. In our motorcycle store you can find knee pads, elbow pads, bibs, aribag vests and much more. 


Do you already know which motorcycle neck brace to buy? If you have any doubt with your selection or need help in your purchase process, remember that you can chat with our customer service or contact any of our physical stores. 

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