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Motorcycle helmets

Many people tend to think that motorcycle helmets are an indispensable safety accessory for motorcyclists and only that. And the truth is that we, who are fully involved in the world of motorcycles, know that they are much more than that. 

Without a good motorcycle helmet, any ride can be annoying, shocking and dangerous. That's why we always recommend our customers to think very well the investment they are going to make before buying a cheap motorcycle helmet that will last only a couple of months. 

At Motopasión Store we share your passion for motorcycles, so we work to ensure good protection for you when you decide to get on your motorcycle and ride it. The use of motorcycle helmets in Spain is mandatory since September 1, 1992, imposed by the Directorate General of Traffic for road safety.

Since then there are those who have a motorcycle helmet for winter, a motorcycle helmet for summer, another one to go out in the city and a very flashy or strident one to go on the road. That is why we tell you, before buying a motorcycle helmet, get to know the offers on the market and choose the one that best suits your needs. 


Types of motorcycle helmets

There are very good motorcycle helmet brands on the market, such as Shoei and Arai, which are perhaps the most famous. But the truth is that when buying your helmet it is important the use you want to give it: to ride around the city, to travel, to be fashionable. This factor, more than the model and brand, should be the one that dictates your choice. 

To help you choose the best motorcycle helmet, we invite you to discover the different options you can choose from. 


Full-face helmet

These are the helmets used by competition motorcyclists. They are one-piece helmets and are completely enclosed to provide greater protection to the rider. Full-face helmets are the safest of all, but you should know that they can be somewhat uncomfortable. 


Jet helmet

This type of motorcycle helmet is the most used by motorcyclists in summer, as it is open, offers better air ventilation and helps to withstand the heat. 

It is one of the most comfortable helmets you can have, that is why there is a great variety of jet helmet brands, colors and designs. However, because it is partially open, it does not offer 10 times more safety in case of accidents. 


Modular helmet 

It is the most sold helmet type, the most popular and the first helmet of almost every motorcyclist. The flip-up helmet is a hybrid between the jet helmet and the full-face helmet: it is very safe, protects the whole head and can be partially opened. 


Classic helmet 

This helmet is less and less used. The reason is that it is not a safe helmet, leaves the neck and face uncovered and has no visor. 


Off-Road helmet

If you love motocross and enduro then this is the helmet you are looking for. This type of helmet is found in much more risky, aggressive and modern models. Most of these helmets do not have a visor, so it is important that you get some good motorcycle goggles. 


Trial helmet 

They are designed for competitions that take place on very rough terrain, so they are recommended for enduro riders, either on or off-road. They have a high level of protection. 


Trail helmet 

They are a hybrid between full-face and off-road helmets. They are one-piece, but allow partial face clearance. They are very safe and light, but some users say that they do not filter sound properly. 


The dual helmet 

They are a mix between the trial helmet and the full-face helmet. These are preferred by bikers who like to ride in the city, but are looking for a sportier look. Currently, the dual helmet is one of the most sold helmet types. 


Before choosing your motorcycle helmet 

It is important that your helmet is homologated, otherwise your protection is not guaranteed. To find out if a helmet is homologated, look for the European homologation sticker, which indicates that it has passed all the tests and is a safe helmet for you. 


Are you ready to buy your motorcycle helmet? 

In Motorpasionstore you can find a wide range of helmets and we are sure you can find yours at the best price in the market. We also have a large section of children's motorcycle helmets, both for road and off-road.

The expiration date of motorcycle helmets is not exact and is not marked on the 'packaging', but manufacturers do place the useful life of helmets between 5 and 10 years, all depending on the materials in which the helmet is manufactured, the use given to it or the deterioration due to a blow or fall. But, it can happen that your helmet has suffered deterioration due to the wear of some of its parts or they have broken. You can give it a second life, choosing the helmet spare parts you need (screens, opening mechanisms, vents, etc.) and replacing them. Enter our category of cheap motorcycle helmets to find the best deals for less than 150 euros.

If you are on long routes, you like to be always in communication with other bikers or with your companion, we recommend you to get a good intercom. You can listen to music, make calls or follow GPS directions, without taking your hands off the handlebars.