Arai is considered one of the safest motorcycle helmet brands in the world. Since its inception Arai set out to break with the prototype of the typical motorcycle helmet and offer the rider innovative models, made with materials that offer much more than just safety to the user. 


Today Arai is a leader in the motorcycle helmet market and competes with giants such as AGV and Shoei. At Motopasión Store we want to tell you a little about the history of the Arai brand and why they boast of selling the safest helmets for motorcyclists. 



Why are Arai helmets the safest?

Arai is a Japanese brand that was founded in 1926 by Hirotake Arai. At that time the company was dedicated to the design and manufacture of hats. Today it is one of the leading companies dedicated to the production of motorcycle helmets.  


Many motorcyclists claim that Arai helmets are the safest in the world, the brand knows it and boasts about it. Why does Arai have this reputation? Because in 1976, the company, under the leadership of Mitch Arai, set out to make better motorcycle helmets, not to sell more, but to protect more. 


Mitch Arai, like his father, was a motorcycle rider, and wanted to be protected to the maximum. For this reason Arai began the manufacture and design of resistant helmets tested in impacts in competition tracks. 


In this way Arai manages to design a shell so resistant that it is able to prevent the penetration of sharp objects and allow the helmet to retain its shape after receiving a very strong blow. For this reason the shell of Arai helmets is round and strong, because this combination allows the helmet to slide and deflect the energy it is able to withstand. 


Nowadays there are many racing riders who exclusively use Arai helmets, being some of the most prominent Moto GP riders like Maverick Viñales and Takaaki Nakagami or legends like Nicky Hayden or Kevin Schwantz. You can take a look at one of their racing helmets here



Do you want to buy an Arai helmet?

At Motopasión Store we value the quality of Arai helmets and recognize their excellence when it comes to protection and safety. For this reason we offer a wide variety of Arai helmet models at the best price in the market. 


An Arai helmet is an investment for life, but above all, for your safety. See you on the track! 


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