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Trial helmets 


Trial is as exciting as MotoGP, but they are very different disciplines. Trial is a discipline that challenges the limits and exposes the rider to an adventure that is as fun as it is extreme. That is why it is so important for trial riders to have good equipment. 


The trial helmet is one of the most important accessories for motorcyclists who practice this sport. In addition to offering safety and protection, the trial helmet depends, to a great extent, on the balance that the rider will have during the competition: that is why they are usually so light!


If you are a trial bike lover and you are looking for the perfect helmet for your adventures, at Motopasión Store we invite you to discover the main characteristics of a trial helmet. Let's go there!



What is a trial helmet?

Trial helmets are helmets specifically designed for competitions that take place on hard terrain, for this reason they are recommended to professional riders who practice this sport


Let's remember that trial is a discipline in which the rider must overcome different obstacles that are placed on a specific route within a marked and delimited terrain. Trial helmets are used by enduro riders. 


The main difference between a trial helmet and other types of motorcycle helmets is that they are much lighter. This is due to the fact that during the practice of trial, the rider receives many impacts that can negatively affect the cervical spine. 


Aesthetically, the trial helmet may be similar to a modular helmet or a jet helmet, but it is much safer than these. Another aspect that differentiates the trial helmet from other motorcycle helmets is that it offers a large visual field to the rider with high visors that do not invade the face area. 


Characteristics of trial helmets

Trial motorcycle helmets are a kind of hybrid between an off road helmet and a full-face helmet. They are one-piece helmets, so they are safer than a modular helmet. This type of helmet has a chin guard that allows the rider to ride with a clear face and has a screen to prevent impacts to the face and eyes. 


If you are a fan of trial and you are looking for a motorcycle helmet for your competitions and adventures, we invite you to know below the characteristics that a good trial motorcycle helmet must have


  • It must offer a large field of vision
  • Trial helmets must be light so as not to put pressure on the rider's neck. 
  • They have a retractable shield that prevents any external agent, such as stones, rain and dust, from entering the eyes. 
  • They have a chin guard to offer better comfort and fit to the rider. 
  • Like full-face helmets, trial helmets are one-piece helmets. 
  • They are made of resistant materials such as carbon fiber. 
  • They do not affect the rider's balance during competition. 


How to choose a trial motorcycle helmet


If you are thinking of practicing trial or simply need to change your motorcycle helmet, at Motopasión Store we give you a piece of advice: investing in a good trial helmet is investing in your safety. For this reason we invite you to buy a helmet that may not be the cheapest on the market, but the one that will protect you the most. 


That said, you should know that there are many brands of trial motorcycle helmets, but in our motorcycle store you will find the best ones, and the best prices too: Hebo helmet, LS2 helmet and MT Helmets helmet. Ideally, you should prefer a helmet that offers comfort and safety at a reasonable cost.


If you are looking for a Hebo helmet at a good price, we invite you to visit our motorcycle outlet store. There you will also find a great variety of articles and accessories for motorcyclists such as trail jackets, pants, gloves and other types of motorcycle helmets


If you need help with your purchase, remember that you can chat with our customer service team or contact us at any of our stores, we will be happy to assist you!