Trial is a sport discipline in which the rider must overcome obstacles with his motorcycle without falling or touching the ground. Trial was originally performed in natural areas, so the obstacles were rocks, tree trunks and ravines. Nowadays there is the indoor trial modality, which is practiced in rooms or gyms perfectly planned for this sport. 


Trial boots are the perfect footwear to protect the feet during the practice of this discipline. These motorcycle boots offer comfort, safety and help the rider to perform correctly. 


Trial boots are a critical component in the equipment of the motorcyclist who practices this discipline, and in this category of Motopasión Store we tell you why. 


What are trial boots?


Trial is a very demanding discipline that requires the rider to be in control of the bike in every skill and to maintain balance at all times. In trial, touching the ground is not an option. However, trial boots must be suitable for use on all types of surfaces and offer the rider the necessary grip when his balance fails.  


One of the most important aspects of trial boots is the support offered to the limb. Very important factors such as the stability of the ankle during maneuvers depend on this detail. A good grip helps prevent sprains, fractures, sprains and other types of injuries. 


Trial boots have a high security grip system to prevent the shoe from slipping off the foot during any movement. Like all motorcycling boots, trial boots have protections in very sensitive areas such as the ankle, toes and shins. 


Unlike off-road boots, trial boots are more flexible, as the rider needs to have a lot of freedom of movement. Let's remember that in this sport the rider needs to be able to move freely on the road to overcome obstacles without touching the ground. 


Of course, trial boots must be made of resistant materials, must be very ergonomic and have an excellent ventilation system. 


How to choose the best trial boots

There are many types of trial boots on the market and we know that it can be very overwhelming to make a choice. To make your life easier, at Motopasión Store we tell you what aspects you should take into account when choosing your trial boots: 


  • 1)  The boots must be specifically designed for trial riding. Other types of motorcycle boots are not suitable for trial riding. 
  • 2)  Trial boots must fit your feet perfectly. It is important that you measure your boots, walk with them and be very sure that they are the right size. 
  • 3)  The trial boots must feel comfortable, they cannot cause pressure on any part of the foot, much less on the ankle. 
  • 4)  It is important that your trial motorcycle boots provide good support. That is why we again advise you to measure your boots before buying them. 
  • 5)  Ventilation is important to keep your feet cool during practice. Prefer trial boots that are made with micro-perforated membranes.
  • 6)  The boots should have protections, good support and a high security lacing. 
  • 7)  Prefer trial motorcycle boots with a design that you like very much. And, very important, they should be easy to put on and take off. 


Where to buy trial boots

There are many motorcycle stores that sell trial boots, but only at Motopasión Store we guarantee you the best price on the Internet. And if you liked a pair of boots and you have seen them cheaper on another website, don't worry, we will match the price. 


In our motorcycle store you will find the best variety of trial boots on the market. We work with the best brands, so we offer trial boots Alpinestars, Hebo, Seventy Degrees, TCX and many more. 


In addition, we offer everything you need to build your motorcycle equipment: motorcycle helmets, jackets, gloves, overalls, pants, accessories and offers on boots, you can't miss them! 


We are Motopasión Store, and you can visit us whenever you want in our physical stores in Vigo and La Coruña. You can also bring us your bike and we will gladly receive it in our workshop, we are waiting for you! 

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