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Riding a motorcycle, whether off road, on the highway or in the city, represents a risk that as good motorcyclists we must assume responsibly. While it is true that the use of motorcycle helmets is mandatory, it is also important to have the right motorcycle protections

Motorcycle protections are accessories that offer protection for certain parts of the body during falls or accidents. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have a chassis that protects the rider, so you have to be much more careful and foresighted. 

There are many types of motorcycle protections that offer quality, comfort and safety. In our motorcycle store you will find all kinds of motorcycle accessories and protections for road and off road motorcycles. In addition, we have the best brands on the market: Alpinestar, Dainese, Arai, among others. 


Types of protections for motorcyclists 

Among the most requested protections by motorcyclists, the motorcycle airbag always stands out. However, we can not forget how important are the collars, knee pads, elbow pads, bibs and motorcycle back protector.

In Motopasión Store we have prepared for you a list with the types of motorcycle protections that you must have to be safe in all your rides. 


Motorcycle airbag 

Buying a motorcycle airbag can be very expensive, but its usefulness is worth the investment. This protection for motorcyclists can save your life in falls and accidents, and can even save you from even the slightest scratch. There are different types of airbags, some can be worn inside or outside the jacket and can be attached or not to the motorcycle. 


Chest protectors 

These integral protections are like a kind of armor that helps protect the rider's entire upper bodyChest protectors are one of the most used protections by off road tourists


Motorcycle back protectors

The motorcycle back protector is one of the most requested protections by bikers and has the function of protecting the cervical spine during a fall. This protection was created in competitions and although at the beginning it was thought to be a homemade protection, today it is a very important accessory. 

The Alpinestars back protector is the favorite of our customers and in our motorcycle store we have it available


Knee and elbow pads 

These are secondary protections that help protect the elbow and knee joints during a fall. Although they are not as requested as a motorcycle back protector or an airbag, they are of great help to avoid injuries such as tears and sprains that usually take a long time to heal. At Motopasionstore we have a wide variety of elbow and knee pads. 


Neck braces 

Neck braces for motorcyclists are a great help to protect the neck, specifically the cervical spine and the back of the neck. As well as the integral protections, the neck braces are widely used by bikers who practice trial, enduro or trail. 


Kidney belt for motorcyclists 

The belts hug the back of the rider's thorax and are most commonly used for city rides or short trips. Although they are less safe than a motorcycle back protectorthe belts are much more comfortable and lighter. 


Buy motorcycle protections 

Whenever you go to get on your motorcycle do not forget to take with you your motorcycle protections and your motorcycle helmet. If you need any accessory we invite you to visit our category of protections for motorcyclists, there you will find everything you are looking for, the best brands and the best prices. 

In Motopasión Store we share with you the passion for motorcycles, that's why we offer a wide range of homologated protections to suit your needs and your pocket. Of course, when it comes to your safety, remember not to skimp. 


Need some help? Then we invite you to chat with one of our customer service advisors, enjoy your purchase!

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