In the world of racing everything is speed, adrenaline and knee on asphalt. Those who practice this sport must have great dexterity to dominate the motorcycle at the highest speeds. Racing is a risky discipline, therefore, it requires the motorcyclist to have the best protection. 


Motorcycle racing gloves are one of the most important items of equipment for fast bikers, since comfort and the correct grip on the handlebars depend to a great extent on them. Having the right racing gloves will increase your performance on the track. 


In this category of Motopasión Store we present our best motorcycle racing gloves, we tell you how they should be and which are the best brands of motorcycle gloves. Let's go there! 


Motorcycle racing gloves, how should they be?


Just as there are several types of motorcycle helmets, there are also different types of motorcycle gloves that adapt to the use that each biker gives to his motorcycle. In the case of racing, the gloves must have certain characteristics to make them safer and guarantee a correct grip on the steering wheel.  


Good racing motorcycle gloves must have protections and an excellent ventilation system. The protections are necessary to protect your hands in case of falls and accidents, which are very common in the practice of racing. 


Also, those who practice this discipline know how much you can sweat at high speeds. The ventilation system of motorcycle racing gloves is essential for the air to circulate inside the glove and keep the hand dry and cool. 


After the protections and ventilation you must take into account the flexibility of the fabric. To practice racing you need comfort and good feel, since your gloves depend on your ability to properly hold the handlebars of the bike. 


Most of the best motorcycle racing gloves are made with leather and perforated fabric on the fingers. In addition, they have ventilation holes, hand panels for proper grip and carbon protectors. 


Advantages of having a pair of motorcycle racing gloves


Having the right equipment allows you to enjoy your motorcycle in a safer and more comfortable way. In racing this premise is much more important, since you need maximum safety protections on your hands, which are the ones that will support you during a fall. 


Among the advantages of having good racing gloves we must highlight: 


  • 1)  Motorcycle racing gloves help you to be protected at all times from abrasions, impacts and blows. 
  • 2)  The racing gloves allow the rider to have a better grip of the fist, which offers more stability and better control of the bike. 
  • 3)  Racing gloves have padded inner linings that are more comfortable and prevent the formation of calluses and blisters
  • 4)  They offer a professional biker look.


Frequently asked questions about racing motorcycle gloves

Here we share with you some of the most frequent questions our customers ask us about racing gloves: 


Do racing gloves work with touch screens?

Not all models of motorcycle racing gloves work with touch screens. Ideally, you should get gloves that have this function on the fingertips. 


Are motorcycle gloves made of real leather?

Yes, leather gloves are made of real leather, mostly from sheep. 


How do I know my motorcycle glove size?

To calculate what size you are in motorcycle gloves you must measure the width of your hand and the circumference. 


Where to buy motorcycle racing gloves?

In all motorcycle stores you can find a great variety of racing gloves, but only in Motopasión Store we guarantee you the best price. In this category you will find racing gloves from the best brands on the market: Alpinestars, Dainese, Five, Ixon, Midif, Rev'it and Spidi. 


In addition to offering you the best motorcycle racing gloves on the market, in our store you will also find other accessories for your equipment, such as racing boots, racing suits and full-face helmets


If you need advice or more information about racing motorcycle gloves, chat with our customer service or call us at any of our stores, see you on the track! 

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