Whenever you go out on your motorcycle, it is important that you have motorcycle gloves with you that offer good feel, comfort and safety. Summer motorcycle gloves are made so that heat and sweat are not a problem during this time of the year. 


Most summer motorcycle gear is characterized by being made of lightweight fabrics, usually perforated, to ensure that air circulates constantly. Therefore, the lighter and more ventilated your summer motorcycle gloves are, the better! 


At Motopasión Store we tell you below everything you need to know about summer motorcycle gloves. Here we go! 


What are summer motorcycle gloves?

The summer motorcycle gloves are lightweight gloves made with cool and perforated fabrics that facilitate air circulation. Most of these gloves are made of Cordura or leather. They also have elastic fabrics that make them much more comfortable. 


The big difference between summer motorcycle gloves and other types of motorcycle gloves is their advanced ventilation system. These gloves are designed to constantly let air in and out of the interior through micro-perforations in the fabric.   


Summer motorcycle gloves also have protections to protect delicate areas such as knuckles, palms and wrists. Some have built-in protections, others have special pockets to place them inside. 


In this category you can learn about the different types of summer motorcycle gloves that we offer at Motopasión Store. We have motorcycle gloves of the best brands: Alpinestars, Dainese, Rev'it and Spidi


What are the best motorcycle gloves for summer? 

The protection of your hands is something you should never neglect, that's why we highlight the importance of getting a good motorcycle glove for summer. 

In the market there are many options that can make your choice difficult, so we tell you some factors that you should keep in mind to choose the best motorcycle gloves for summer. 


  • 1)  When buying motorcycle gloves for summer, take into account their size in relation to the width of the palm of your hand. It is important that the motorcycle glove is comfortable and snug, it should never be worn too tight. 
  • 2)  The first thing you should look at is not the design, but the ventilation system. Ventilation is what differentiates summer motorcycle gloves from the rest, and ideally you should choose a glove with holes and micro-perforated fabric. 
  • 3)  The material your glove is made of does matter. Prefer flexible, lightweight and cool fabrics. Also make sure that these textiles are of high quality and abrasion resistant. 
  • 4)  Always use gloves with reinforced protections in delicate areas such as knuckles, palms and wrists. Remember, the main function of a motorcycle glove should be to protect you. 


Where to buy summer motorcycle gloves?

In Motopasión Store we invite you to take a look at our models of motorcycle gloves for summer. We have gloves of different brands, colors, models and prices, because we love to adapt to the needs of our customers. 


In our motorcycle store you will also find essential equipment to go out riding with your motorcycle during the summer: jackets, motorcycle helmets, casual clothing and much more. 


In Motopasión Store we have the best prices on the market. We are bikers and we understand the importance of having the right equipment to enjoy your motorcycle without hurting your pocket. We also have a category with irresistible offers that you can not miss. 


And if you want to measure some motorcycle gloves for summer, come to our stores in La Coruña and Vigo and we will gladly assist you. 

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