To speak of the Shoei brand is to speak of motorcycle helmets, innovation, irreverent design and superior quality. Shoei needs no introduction, it is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmets that managed to position itself in the market in a very short time.  


Shoei's success is due to its philosophy: safety, comfort and passion in the development of each of its motorcycle helmets. In Motopasión Store we share with you a little of Shoei's history and tell you why it is considered the best helmet brand in the world. 


What is Shoei?

Shoei is a Japanese brand of motorcycle helmets that was founded in 1959 by Eitaro Kamata. From its beginnings Shoei set itself the challenge of being the leading company in innovation, safety and function of helmets for motorcyclists. To achieve this, the brand has relied on cutting-edge technology and constant improvements. 


Shoei came to the market with the intention of becoming the highest quality helmet manufacturer, and to date it has already succeeded. In the beginning, around the 1960s, its fame had already spread throughout the United States. Years later it would come to lead the entire helmet market in Europe. 


One of the aspects that differentiates Shoei from other brands is that to this day it manufactures all its helmets, along with the parts that make them up, in Japan. Even though the high cost of Japanese manufacturing is known worldwide. Shoei is confident that Japanese quality is the key to guarantee the success of its helmets. 


Why for Shoei its helmets are the best?

Shoei spokespersons assure that for its workers, around 500 worldwide, the manufacture of each helmet is a challenge that must surpass its own quality standards: the word defect has no place.


To comply with its philosophy of Japanese quality, the brand has highly qualified employees who are responsible for applying the latest technologies in the manufacture of Shoei helmets. In addition, it is important to note that most of the construction process of Shoei helmets is done manually.  


In Motopasión Store we have the best variety of Shoei helmets, including the Shoei Neotec 2, one of the most sought after helmets of the brand. In addition, we are bikers and we know how important it is to get the helmet of your dreams, so we offer the best prices on the market. 


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