Men's motorcycle boots and women's motorcycle boots are a key element for trips on the motorcycle, that's why the brands manufacture with leather since it is a resistant material against impacts, it is breathable and it adjusts optimally to the foot . The leather motorcycle boots are a good option both on the track, with motorcycle racing boots, you will get the most out of the circuit, and outside on the asphalt of the road, with motorcycle touring boots or road motorcycle boots man and woman.

It is a boot with full comfort so that your foot can rest up to its full capacity on the trip at an ideal temperature at any time of the year, both with winter motorcycle boots or ventilated summer motorcycle boots, the leather is microperforated by so your trip with high temperatures will be the most comfortable, you will not worry about the warm temperatures.


In Motopasión Store there is a catalog with a wide variety of models and different designs so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The men's and women's motorcycle leather boots have different categories, all with their respective protections in essential parts of the foot, in addition to various protections depending on the style of boot.

Motorcycle trail boots have high comfort for long trips, and the most common thing is that they have a waterproof membrane so you don't depend on the weather, these are waterproof motorcycle boots for men and women, but if you don't want to be not even a drop of rain filters through buy goretex motorcycle boots, the goretex membrane does not allow it to pass through the boot and allows the foot to perspire for greater comfort.

If you like risk sports and adrenaline, you will be passionate about off road, that's why we have for you, motorcycle off road boots linked to different disciplines such as trial, enduro or motocross motorcycle boots with extensive protection and reinforcement in addition to the essential areas of the foot.

For the day-to-day life of a biker, discover men's and women's urban motorcycle boots, great for everyday use with essential reinforcements and comfort for riding around the city, these motorcycle boots are made of abrasion-resistant materials, whether it's leather or textile.

Vintage lovers have custom motorcycle boots to go with the motorcycle, with different designs and models for you to choose your favorite, the scrambler motorcycle boots have protections in the main parts of the boot as well as an ergonomic closure to maximum comfort.

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