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Having good motorcycle pants can make all the difference when riding your motorcycle. Many times we pay more attention to boots, jacket and gloves, and forget the importance of motorcycle pants to feel comfortable on the seat and protect our legs from the weather and wind. 


There are many types of motorcycle pants, jeans, waterproof, motocross and racing. And the ideal one for you depends exclusively on the type of use you give to your motorcycle. 


This category of Motopasión Store is dedicated to motorcycle pants and we are going to tell you what they are for and how to choose the best ones. Let's go there! 


Motorcycle pants, why are they essential?

Although we usually pay more attention to the jacket and boots, motorcycle pants are a fundamental piece of protective equipment of a motorcyclist. Just like the rest of your equipment, motorcycle pants are important for riding safely and comfortably.


You will find different types of motorcycle pants on the market. You can find motorcycle pants for winter made with waterproof fabrics, special pants for off road riding and pants for between seasons, summer and all year round, like the ones we show you in this category. 


Motorcycle pants for summer and mid-season are made with textiles that have microperforations. These tiny holes allow air to circulate at all times. In addition, they have an outer layer that is almost always made of high-density polyester, a fabric that is highly resistant to abrasion. 


Most textile motorcycle pants incorporate protections, which can be fixed or removable. And when a motorcycle pants comes without protections it usually has the space to add them. Of course, when the protections are removable your motorcycle pants are much more versatile and you can get more out of them between seasons. 


And, not least, motorcycle pants are one of the pieces that make us bikers look our best. Depending on the use you give to your bike, you will find sporty, elegant, racing, touring, sporting and between-seasons pants. Of course, all of them loaded with a lot of biker style. 


How to choose the best motorcycle pants?


As with the other accessories of your biker gear, motorcycle pants must meet certain requirements to be functional and meet your needs. In Motopasión Store we tell you what they are:


  • 1)  Motorcycle pants are one of the pieces that protect us the most during a fall. It is important that you choose pants that are resistant to abrasion and that have fixed or removable protections.
  • 2)  The fabric of your pants is very important. For summer and mid-season prefer a ventilated fabric that will help you fight the heat and sweat while riding. 
  • 3)  Choose motorcycle pants that match the way you use your motorcycle. For example, the pants of an off-road rider cannot be the same as those of a rider who uses his motorcycle for touring. 
  • 4)  Your motorcycle pants must be comfortable. It is important that you feel freedom of movement and that the seams do not bother you. 
  • 5)  Get a pair of motorcycle pants that you really like, that suits your style, that looks like you and that you love the way they fit. There's nothing better than feeling like a biker on and off the bike. 


Where to buy your motorcycle pants?

In Motopasión Store we have as many motorcycle pants as there are types of bikers, so we are sure that in our store you will find the perfect model for you. And, very important, at the best price in the market. 


Don't worry about the size, we have motorcycle pants for all sizes. And, of course, we offer pants from the best brands for bikers: Alpinestars, Dainese, Ixon, Rev'it and Spidi.


And if you are looking for more than just motorcycle pants, we invite you to take a look at everything we have available in our motorcycle store: motorcycle helmets, gloves, protections and, not least, the best deals.  


We are Motopasión Store, a store by bikers for bikers. 

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