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Jeans are a very comfortable option to ride your motorcycle, especially in summer or in the off-season, when we can ride a little lighter in clothes. In addition, motorcycle jeans help us to achieve that scruffy biker look that many people like. Are you one of them? 


If your answer is yes, you're one of us! And not only that, you've come to the right place, because in Motopasión Store we have a special category dedicated to motorcycle jeans, where in addition to seeing the models available in our motorcycle store, we share with you some tips for choosing the best motorcycle jeans. 


That said, we invite you to know the factors that you have to take into account to buy the best motorcycle jeans


Motorcycle jeans, comfortable, safe and resistant  


Motorcycle jeans offer you more comfort while riding your motorcycle and the safety you need to stay protected on it. 


Motorcycle jeans look like conventional jeans, but like motorcycle pants and jackets, they are made of abrasion-resistant fabrics. That is, they are denim or cotton jeans with reinforcements in fabrics such as Kevlar and Cordura. This is what we mean when we say that motorcycle jeans are comfortable and safe. 


In addition, biker jeans have fixed or removable protections. And in case they do not include the protections, they have the space designed to insert them. The removable protections allow you to have a much more versatile jeans. Keep this in mind when making your choice. 


The truth is that there are many types of motorcycle jeans, there are even leather jeans. You can also find jeans with micro-perforated fabrics to stimulate ventilation and waterproof jeans made with waterproof fabrics. However, if what you need is protection from water, we recommend good waterproof pants


How to choose successful motorcycle jeans

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing your motorcycle jeans is that stiff and uncomfortable models are a thing of the past. Today there is a wide variety of motorcycle jeans in different fabrics and membranes for both men and women. 


To make it easier for you to find your motorcycle jeans, we have prepared this guide to help you immediately identify a good candidate. Here we go!


What kind of motorcycle jeans to buy?

The first thing you need to be clear about is the type of jeans you want to wear, and this depends on your style. The skinny fit jeans are very tight to the body, they hug your hips and legs, are elastic and offer a very modern style. This model is the most fashionable at the moment. 


Slim fit jeans are specially designed to define your legs and are less fitted than skinny jeans. The lace is narrow and classic cut. We can say that they are a tighter and more modern version of the regular fit. The latter are the classic jeans of a lifetime. 


There are also tapered jeans, which are looser from the hip to the thighs and tapered from the knees to the ankle. This type of jeans is very comfortable to wear while driving. And if what you want is a baggy pant and a lot of freedom of movement, a Loose fit is for you


The protections of your motorcycle jeans

Your motorcycle jeans must have fixed or removable protections. The protections are usually on the knees and most models include space to incorporate the hip protection. 


Reinforcement is a must

In addition to cotton and denim, your motorcycle jeans should be made with kevlar reinforcements, preferably. This feature is what will make your jeans abrasion resistant. A combination of fabrics including cordura and polyamide is also recommended. 


Flexibility first and foremost

As we mentioned at the beginning, the era of hard and uncomfortable jeans is over. Ideally, you should get jeans that give you maximum freedom of movement and are flexible so that you can ride your motorcycle comfortably and safely. 


Buy motorcycle jeans at the best price

In Motopasión Store we offer a wide variety of motorcycle jeans, from the best brands for motorcyclists, and at the best price in the market. In addition, we have financing plans so you can make your purchase without breaking your budget. 


Motopasión Store is a biker store for bikers, and that's why we offer everything you need to build or complete your equipment. Not only do we have the best collection of motorcycle helmets on the market, we also have gloves, protections, accessories and much more. 


Last but not least, your motorcycle jeans should go with your biker style, so get some that you really like and fit your personality, you'll.

find them here!

Enjoy the Black Friday offers on motorcycle pants and start saving on your purchases through our website. 

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