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During the rainy season do not park your motorcycle, equip yourself with waterproof garments that will allow you to enjoy your motorcycle and keep you dry. In addition to a good waterproof jacket, motorcycle waterproof pants are a must in your equipment, as they are essential to protect your legs from the inclement weather. 

Waterproof pants will allow you to insulate yourself from the rain to keep your legs dry and free of moisture. In this way you will prevent water from seeping into your biker boots and end up soaking your feet.

This category of Motopasión Store is dedicated to motorcycle raincoats and we will tell you how to choose the best ones.

Waterproof pants, is it really useful?

When we talk about waterproof clothing for motorcyclists, we usually think immediately of a waterproof jacket or a windbreaker, but who said that motorcycle raincoats are not necessary? In fact, they are, and very much so.

The waterproof textile pants are made with special membranes that make them 100% waterproof. Most rain pants have three textile layers:

  • The first layer is the most superficial and is usually made of nylon, polyester or polypropylene. The combination of these textiles allows your rain pants to resist abrasion, scratches and friction.
  • The second or middle layer is both waterproof and breathable. This layer is usually made of the latest technology membranes such as Gore-Tex.
  • The third and final layer allows the vapor to rise so that water does not transfer to the outside.

Tips for choosing the best waterproof pants

After you get your waterproof pants, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. In addition to being very comfortable garments, motorcycle rain pants give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will stay dry in the rain during all your rides.

However, for your rain pants to be really functional, you should make sure that they meet the following characteristics:

  • The rain pants must be 100% waterproof and that depends on the fabric with which it has been made. The more millimeters of water a fabric can withstand, the more waterproof it will be.
  • Waterproof pants must be breathable on the inside. Otherwise they will make you sweat and retain moisture.
  • Prefer waterproof, abrasion-resistant motorcycle pants that can withstand rubbing, scuffing and friction.
  • And, very importantly, your motorcycle rain jacket should offer you freedom of movement so you can ride safely and comfortably.

Finally, when you buy your waterproof pants, we advise you to wear your motorcycle boots and make sure that you feel comfortable on and off your motorcycle wearing both garments.

Where to buy a motorcycle raincoat? 

Waterproof pants for motorcyclists can be found in any motorcycle store. However, in Motopasión Store we have a special selection of the best brands on the market at the best price on the Internet.

Why buy from us? Because just like you, we are bikers and we know better than anyone how important it is to have a good quality equipment without deflating the pocket. That's why we offer you affordable waterproof pants from top brands like Alpinestars, Dainese, Ixon, Rev'it, Spidi and Triumph.

In our motorcycle store you will also find everything you need to complete your equipment: motorcycle helmets, all types of jackets, waterproof gloves, accessories for you and your motorcycle, spare parts and much more.

Finally, we would like to tell you that besides being a store, we are also a motorcycle workshop. So visit us whenever you want, we will be happy to assist you and your motorcycle.

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